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Product Shill: Adrian Mutu for DOOA


Thank the super-sleuths over at Ahh Serie A for the find!

For all the idiots out there who aren’t quite sure how to properly put a t-shirt on, DOOA’s new catalogue featuring the ever-gorge Adrian Mutu will help you wrangle your head into that tricky hole.

The above shot is Step 1: Arms up, head in; fight the urge to cover the tummy. (Because this is obviously the most efficient way for men to show their physique and get dressed simultaneously.)

Note: Due to the rough and tumble nature that is “wearing clothes”, guys should always do their hair last. Except for Mutu. His hair naturally styles itself as if it were going to a Chav/Jersey Shore fancy dress party each day. Which he will have time to do both once he receives his 3 – 4 month ban for doping.


Francesco Totti: Sexy In The Stands


For those not in the know, it takes hella sexy to pull off this hat. Take it away, Akon.

Through The Years: David Beckham Bromances


Some say David + Iker - Victoria = True Love. We say his return to Milan has reignited his interest in Marco Borriello much to the delight of our fangirl impulses.  Watching David and Marco flirt shamelessly through all of their matches gets our pulses racing the same way he and original love, Gary Neville, did in the late ’90s.

In honor of his return to Old Trafford tonight for the second leg of  the Milan v. Manchester United Champions League tie, we’re taking a trip down manlove memory lane. With each of his European teams, David’s had a hard time keeping his hands and heart to himself. Why don’t you join us in thinking fondly back to Beckham’s best bromantic moves?


Front Row Footballers: Gianluigi Buffon at DSquared2


As you’re probably well aware by now, this week was shot to hell last Sunday. So why begin work now when happy hour starts in t-minus 6 hours?

Call it Fashion Friday/Photo Friday/We’ve Mentally Checked Out of Our Responsibilities Friday – whatever. Today will be a commitment to more photos and less words. Which, when dealing with Gigi’s smoldering stare, is totally necessary.

The Tuesday Torso: Marco Borriello, AC Milan


Marco’s indicating how many times he’s had sex since finding out he was called up to play for the Azzurri. Like we need him to count them for us. Pull-ease.