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‘Baller Opinions: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? – UPDATED


UPDATE: It appears another ‘baller bites the dust due to twitter abuse.

Marvin Morgan, who plays for League Two’s Aldershot Town has been suspended and placed on the transfer market after being booed off the pitch on Monday after his team’s 2:1 defeat to Hereford Town.

After the match he took to Twitter and told fans;

‘Like to thank the fans who booed me off the pitch. Where’s that going to get you! I hope you all die.’

A class act indeed.


During 2010 we at Kickette have frequently extolled the virtues of our fave ‘ballers on social networking sites again and again. But a serious question has reared its ugly head over the Xmas period, one that made us lift our hungover brows up from our cashmere covered cushions and actually do some thinking (urgh).

Should footballers on social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook echo a Spiderman-like ethos i.e. “With great power comes great responsibility” or should they be free to express their opinions on whatever the bleedin’ heck they want?


Sara Carbonero: Forbidden From Talking About Cristiano Ronaldo


This story gets two enthusiastic thumbs up and one not-so-pleasant middle finger. Images: Google.

Hear ye, hear ye! The Kickette Court of Common Law is now in session.

On today’s docket we have a Pasta-producing, Iker Casillas-loving journalist in the line of fire as she fends off Real Madrid and one heavily bruised, star striker’s ego.

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, throw on your best court shoes and come on in.


Footballer Frolics: Just Because It Feels Good?


Happily, they have each other. For the time being, it’s probably going to remain that way. (Getty Images/Daylife)

It’s here. It’s there. Apparently, it’s ruddy everywhere. Let’s be honest, who was surprised when news broke this weekend that Newcastle United’s Andy Carroll (single) and his care in the community worker (married) Kevin Nolan had been busted for allegedly taking their celebration of Nolan’s hat trick in the Magpie’s 5-1 demolition of Sunderland a little too far**? That’s lady friend far, for those of you who’ve missed it.

But Arsene Wenger? Defending himself against allegations of infidelity with a younger woman? Yep, we admit it. We didn’t see that one coming.

So why is this happening? Why do elite soccer players (and their managers. We see you, Avram) seemingly find it impossible to remain faithful for more than ten seconds? In the interests of our future happiness, we decided to see if we could figure out what the hell is going on.


Player Loyalty: A Question Of Trust Or Tactics?


Yes ladies (and gents), it would appear Gareth Bale has plenty to smile about. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

You might have heard of Gareth Bale. He’s the Lord Of The Rings Reject/Cutey Pup Pup currently doing brilliantly with Spurs in the Champions League and being hailed as a world class player. Rafa Benitez has already expressed an interest in Bale after his demolition of holders Inter Milan in the competition, and there have been murmurings from Old Trafford, where Sir Alex Ferguson may see Bale as a perfect replacement for fellow countryman Ryan Giggs.


The Marlon King Question: Prizes Or Principles?


Marlon King arrives at court to face sexual assault charges in 2009. Images: Getty Images/Zimbio

So as Marlon King prepares to make his debut for Coventry City, the controversy surrounding his signing continues unabated. For those not in the know, King was convicted of punching a woman in the face in a night club in 2008 after she rejected his sexual advances. He was in the club to celebrate his wife’s third pregnancy and  served nine months in jail.