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Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


We’re quick with news on this end if you can’t tell.

Anywho, if you only have five minutes of procrastination time pencilled in for the day, you’re in luck because we only have five can’t miss stories from the weekend. Make yourself a cuppa (or make someone make you a cuppa), expect lots of air quotes and join us after the jump!


In Remission: Stiliyan Petrov


aston villa cancer scareAston Villa’s Petrov went on record yesterday to confirm he is now in remission from the disease that left his footie career in limbo.

Although the Bulgarian footballer was not able to greet the AV club masseurs who completed a 400-mile charity cycle ride (in honour of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research) at the finish line, he did send a message of gratitude to all those who supported him during this difficult time:

“I’m fine. It’s been hard and tough so far but, thankfully, everything is going in the right direction. I’ve been looked after really well by the people in the hospital. I’m really grateful to them and to all of the people who have sent me messages of support.”

Good news indeed, Kickettes.

BTW, if you’d like to support the Pedal for Petrov challenge, you can donate via the JustGiving page or text “STAN91 £3″ to 70070.


Courtney Meppen-Walter: Driving School Success Story?


Image: Rochdale Driving School. H/T Popbitch.

On Rochdale Driving School’s website, a few of its brightest students – along with their achievements – are showcased as a testament to its “great value driving lessons”. If you scroll to the fifth satisfied customer down, you might even recognise Manchester City’s Courtney Meppen-Walter standing in front one of the Vauxhall Corsas the school has in its fleet. He, like others, is commended for passing his driving test on his first try.

Mr Meppen-Walter was arrested by police on Saturday night for suspicion of causing death via dangerous driving.

For the sake of the loved ones who tragically passed, Rochdale may want to reconsider striking Courtney from their “top quality tuition for just £15 per hour” hall of fame. Just a thought.

Lazy Links & Hot Topics


Louise Redknapp has started her own beauty range called Wild About Beauty, which is ironic since we felt the opposite of wild about her hair and makeup at last night’s GQ Awards. Her dress, meanwhile, is a whole ‘nother story that our Style Files is better adept at addressing.
{Red Magazine, Style.Kickette}

Christian Vieri’s mobile was spied on by Inter Milan back in ’06, but it was only this past Monday that he was awarded €1 million in damages. The now retired footballer’s legal team argued that when details of the alleged spying became public six years ago, it damaged his playing career by causing him undue stress.
{Fox Sports}


Fernando Torres’ Coiffure Needs To Go


Archie O’Hara is not impressed. Images: Chelsea Magazine, Getty Images.

Olalla wife wag daughter nora son leo torresCan any of our trusted readers *puhlease* figure this shiznit out with the scissor gods since it’s clear Fernando Torres is incapable of handling things himself? His face is oh so purrty, yet his hair is oh so clinically depressing.

And while you’re at it, can you also figure out why he’s decided to experiment with Olalla’s tinted bronzer all of a sudden?

Godspeed, Kickettes. This one’s for all the marbles.