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Alvaro Negredo & Clara Tapía: Just Married


Congrats to Sevilla striker and Spanish international, Alvaro Negredo, who took advantage of the winter holidays to wed his girlfriend Clara Tapia at the El Salvador church in Sevilla. The bride looked beautiful in her dress with a gorgeous lace veil and the groom looked incredibly hot, which is really unfair since he’s officially off the market.

Alvaro Negredo with his mom on his wedding day in SevillaSevilla hometown boy The Ramos was among the family, friends and teammates in attendance, and if anyone has a picture please send it over so we can see what he wore.

We’ve come to find that the Sevilla boys have a flair for the dramatic when it comes to their wedding videos. Following in teammate Jesus Navas’ footsteps, the couple hired the same company to film their nuptials and you can watch it here.

Xabi Alonso & Nagore Aramburu: Your Football Power Couple Of The Year 2011


Congrats (and Happy Belated B-day to the most Gingerific man in La Liga) you crazy kids! Image Credit: Vanitatis.com.

While the global footy community is full of hot and heavy, high profile relationships, not all of them are as wonderful and easy going for us to cover as Xabi and Nagore’s is.

And whaddya know, at least 2,000 of our loyal Kickettes agree! With the largest majority of votes in all of the polls we’ve ever published, please give a good-looking standing ovation for Mr & Mrs Xabi Alonso of Real Madrid, 2011′s Football Power Couple of The Year.


Seasons Greetings: Happy New Year From Us To You


Image via tumblr.

We thought long and hard about how to thank our faithful band of soldier boys and girls for their support this year. Among the management proposals vetoed by the staff were:

  1. Spending the money set aside for the party season bar bills/lawyers fees on a couture outfit for each and every one of you, with the balance to be contributed towards the search for Fernando Torres’ mojo.
  2. A party at Kickette Island to which you would all be invited.
  3. A fly-on-the-wall documentary about the Kickette office, our staff and how we work. It would probably directed by Nick Broomfield, who we recently learned is good at handling ‘difficult’ women.

However, this year we learned that we’re more alcohol dependant, selfish and concerned about people finding out what we actually do all day than we thought. The upshot is, your gift is the above picture of Sergio Ramos, shirtless from Real Madrid’s recent Copa Del Rey match.

His hotness is about the only thing we all agree on.

Kickette Catch Up: Your Holiday Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Stephen Ireland wouldn’t dare forget to bring his snakeskin pants to Ronaldinho’s next pyjama party…would he?

If you think this is good, just wait.

It gets better.


Good Week/Bad Week: Traffic News & Trophies


AP Photo/Christian Thompson.

A tanker full of eggnog has just broken down outside our HQ.

It’s just provocative really.