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Tick Tock: Time Wasting For Holiday Clock Watchers


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Cheers to Rebecca for the tip!

Saturday is taking its sweet ass time to get here, a fact of life we can’t deal with right now.

So screw work and take in these midday entertainment treats with us:

1. Tottenham Tadpoles Want You To Stand By Them

What you’ve heard about grown women in their pajamas being virtually serenaded by boys half their ages is true.


Kyle Martino & Kickette: ‘Special Branch’ Squad Selection


Former LA Galaxy and USMNT midfielder Kyle Martino may have had the purest of intentions when he posted this on Twitter, but we aren’t going to apologise for jumping in, nicking his idea and exploiting it for all it’s worth.

For those who can’t be bothered to click the link, Kyle tweeted the following challenge last night:

“One player from each position (GK, Defender, Midfielder, Forward) under the tree this year, who is it?”

Now, we know Kyle was probably thinking in terms of skill levels, stats and benefits for your team as a whole, and you’re more than welcome to use those parameters in your selection process. But we figure there’s a bunch of you out there for whom a pick-up game wouldn’t be the first impulse if you rocked down the stairs on December 25th and discovered four players wrapped up like turkeys under your tree.

So, using whatever criteria you want to apply, who would feature in your elite ‘special branch’ squad? Why? Who wouldn’t make your trimmed tree’s cut?

And most importantly, how would you all spend the day**?

** Try and be creative. The idea that is currently rolling around your head is something of a given. And in all likelihood, your Grandma will be in the room.

Breaking News: David Villa, Barcelona


Not the sight we would have wanted to greet you with on this fine footballing day. Sigh. Image: AP Photo/ Shizuo Kambayashi.

For those of you who haven’t heard, David Villa fractured his tibia this morning in Barcelona’s FIFA Club World Cup game vs. Al-Sadd. Early reports state the striker will probably be out of the game for six months.

Dahveeed has been struggling to make Barca’s starting eleven in recent weeks and was rumoured to be the subject of a potential move to an English club in the January transfer window. The injury has already prompted speculation that he may not recover in time to be a part of Spain’s squad for EURO 2012.

In other words, the timing couldn’t be any worse for our favourite bitchfacing babe. Join with us in wishing him a speedy recovery, Kickettes.

Sergio Ramos: Turning A Blind Eye To His Hidden Hip Dips


Yup, we pulled a whiplash inducing double-take at the Mourinho doppelgänger to Sergio’s left, too.

Ask us to tell you about the Davis Cup and we can’t. What we can speak with authority on is Sergio Ramos, stereotypes and tucked-in salmon button shirts.


Sara Carbonero: Skirt & Man Envy


A feverish exchange went round Kickette HQ this morning when we saw a photo of Sara Carbonero in this skirt at a media fiesta in Madrid two nights ago. It’s the perfect holiday party season skirt, is it not?

The exchange between staffers included thoughts on life’s injustices, which was further compounded by the sight of these two crazy kids making out in his car.