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Good Week/Bad Week: Poker, Portents & Punk Hair


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Joe Le Taxi: Joey Cole has eschewed the opportunity to take advantage of his new colleagues’ language skillz… in favour of learning French himself. The Cockney boy, who has just begun a season long loan to Ligue 1 side Lille, told how his new team-mates speak great English, but he ‘doesn’t want to rely on them’. So far, his knowledge extends to ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Au revoir’. Good luck, mate!


Hottie Or Nottie: Alvaro Negredo, Sevilla FC


Alvaro Negredo, Spanish international

Yep, he’s a winner. We likey. Image via Denis Doyle/Getty Images.

Alvaro Negredo celebrating

Like any other hot-blooded, appreciators of fine ‘baller specimens, we’re always on the look out for fresh meat to perv upon. International matches are the perfect place to discover new talent, and the most recent round of internationals brought someone to our attention.

Kickettes, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Spanish International, Alvaro Negredo. While he does have a connection to one of the big two La Liga teams (he passed through the Real Madrid youth academy), he’s been flexing his sexy (and goal scoring) abilities at Sevilla FC for the past two seasons. So far, we like him and his winning ways, but can’t help but wonder what he’s workin’ with underneath that kit…

Is he a hottie or nottie in your books?

Image via AP Photo/Israel Lopez.

Iker Casillas: Hassled In Hose


Iker was annoyed. Why hadn’t someone warned him there were pre-training physical exams before he had chosen to wear tights? Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

Midweek Results: Planking & Pointing


The Republic of Ireland side briefly lost concentration during their 0-0 draw with Russia when an image of Robbie Savage in his ‘Strictly’ costume appeared on the stadium JumboTron. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

With normal league fixtures resuming at the weekend, now is your last opportunity until er… October to vent spleen at your international side’s performances. Or short tents. Or newly birthed facial fuzz.

Whatever you like, really.


Carles Puyol & Malena Costa: Tourism Torpor


Rome: city of passion and romance. And late nights? Images: Bauer Griffin/Zimbio.

Either exploring the tourist sights of Rome is more exhausting than we thought, or the edge has come off this particular coupling already.

After considering all of the facts: it takes several hours and fourteen cups of coffee to prepare our snark muscle for action;  Malena’s spectacular ‘bish, please’ aimed directly at her man, (left) and how easy it is to read ‘meaning’ into candid photos, we’ve decided to go with the former.

Feel free to be controversial with your own interpretations, though.