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Gerard Pique: Alone At Last



Here’s a photo of Gerard Pique, outside, in Miami, without Shakira attached to his face. We’re sure it’s only a momentary lapse, so make the most of it while you can, people.

The Finest Five 6.0: The Big Reveal


AS Roma players on Facebook

Marco Borriello can barely contain his excitement. Philippe Mexes’ missed-our-list consolation prize is the latest pout-plumping lipgloss from Boots.

You lot might be thrilled and excited about today’s reveal of the new Kickette F5 list, but we can assure you that our comments moderator is not. It’s taken us several weeks to rescue her from beneath the mountain of mail received on the matter and it’s very possible she may not ever recover and/or want to work with us again.

You should take pity on her and send flowers to the Mayhem & Fruit Beverage Suite, where she’s still holed up enjoying her quietly calm surroundings before bearing the brunt of the oncoming opinionated-readers storm.


Product Shill: Javi Martinez, SOY Underwear


Images via bellazon.

Yes, alright Javi Martinez. You look insanely hot. We thought you might.

But, (and far be it from us to argue if you want to stroll around in your colourful SOY undergarments), plenty of footballers look uber hot during their skivvy shilling enterprises.

So whatcha bringing to the table that’s so darn different?


Weekend Results: Shout, Pout, Let It All Out


Sorry. We had to. Image: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Having realised the honour we would be bestowing on a team or individual by using their photo to lead our final Weekend Results post of the season, we spent much of our weekend considering possible candidates. Should it be Javier Hernandez lifting the CONCACAF Gold Cup in a slightly oversized tee? The baby Spaniards brandishing the Euro 2012 trophy in a manner that makes us fear for the prospects of any other footballing nation in the next twenty years? Or even go a bit left field with a pic of the German WNT winning their first match in the Women’s World Cup?

After much deliberation, bickering, shouting and something the arresting officer called ‘grievous bodily harm with intent’, we chose Cheech, figuring that whatever nation you support, as a human being you can’t fail to appreciate him, from his cute little face right down to his nummy little knees.

Word is, he’s not a bad player, either.


Good Week/Bad Week: Winners & Losers


YouTube Preview Image 

Notes for Friday. Stumble through the work day using a supply of coffee and sweets that results in ‘elevated mood sensitivity’. Hope colleagues don’t notice. (They do).  Leave office early for ‘one quick drink’  at local bar, announcing intentions of an evening at the gym. Collapse into house several hours later wearing only one shoe and carrying someone else’s handbag. Pass out on carpet, get face burn.

Friday? Done.


Hair-we-go: It seems that Wayne Rooney’s good humour and positive attitude regarding his recent hair transplant has rubbed off. British artist Alison Jackson has created a spoof video (using a scarily accurate lookalike) of the newly hirsute one trying on a bunch of wigs. Anyone claiming not to have imagined this scenario at least once after reading this story is a liar.