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Weekend Results: Youth Over Experience


Okay Kickettes, we may have to reconsider our Cheech approach. Apparently, comedy devil horns and a gonky grin are the way to amuse him. Not exactly what we had in mind, but we’re adaptable. Image: Reuters/Daylife

Considering how much time we spend moaning about the Weekend Results and how their preparation impinges on our revelry, it’s something of a surprise that when given the opportunity to ignore football and competitions less omnipresent in their nature, we choose to write about them anyway.

We therefore suggest that you read through our reports on the opening salvos at the European U21 Championships in Denmark and the latest fixtures in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, thoroughly examine the photos we have found of nubile, athletic bodies, have a short, guilt-ridden review of your priorities in life and then forget the whole thing ever happened.

We have.


Midweek Results: A Sheer Thing


We don’t mean to alarm anyone, but those shorts Xabi is wearing appear to be almost see-through. Be still, our pounding libidos. Image: Getty Images.

Where would you be without Kickette’s eclectic reporting of this week’s friendly internationals and Euro 2012 qualifiers? Fully conversant with the subject matter, that’s where. And who the hell wants that?


Weekend Results: International Idling


We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Joey. Image: Reuters/Daylife.

We think at this point we’re supposed to offer you a comprehensive write up of all the International and Euro 2012 Qualifying fixtures that FIFA saw fit to throw at us this weekend, but running with the crowd is tough when caught in the thrall of the fashion world’s current predilection for towering heels.

Hence why we’re going to take a metaphorical sit down on the kerb for a breather and a juicebox while you review the things that caught our attention this weekend.

They may or may not include your team’s results and photos of hot players naked.


Iker Casillas: Workin’ That White


Real Madrid Spanish NT captain goalkeeper

Iker’s in Boston, East Coast Kickettes, and is now available for your harassing, photo snapping pleasure. Full stalkage reports are due on our desks by close of business tomorrow. Image Credit: ElPais.com.

Andres Iniesta: Sharp Dressed Man


Andres gets his Elvis on. Images via bellazon

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The hot bish you are currently double-taking is indeed (as the caption hints) Spain and Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta. Iniesta, for those of you who’ve not been checking in with Kickette on an hourly basis, regularly scores important goals in tournaments and prompts baby booms in Spain. Now he is here, strutting his stuff for the weekly edition of Spanish newspaper, El Pais.

Having reviewed the following photos thoroughly, we can confirm that Andres is indeed the kind of man that sparks the feelings that inevitably lead to pregnancy. Please. Take the necessary precautions before following the jump. We’d hate to be responsible for any kind of unpleasantness that ensues as a result of your libido rising.