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Belated Birthday Greetings: Fernando Torres, Chelsea FC


Image via tumblr.

Oh Fernando.

You broke many-a-Kickette hearts (Liverpool Corps) when you left their fragrant shores for the Roman Republic of Chelsea. You’ve generously allowed lazy hacks to put their feet up and post stories about your failure to score since you arrived.


You’ve even withheld access to photographic evidence of your greatest achievement in the last twelve months, although we realise this is probably to the benefit of our own health. Somehow, through it all, no matter what you (or your hair) are doing, we still love you just the same.

So does Olalla, obviously.

Happy Birthday for yesterday, Nandina. We hope you continue to drive carefully; there may be precious cargo in the backseat that we can’t see (damn you).

Helen Svedin: Bottled Water Beauty


Portuguese WAG

Helen Svedin, who had enough foresight to betroth herself to Luis Figo way back when, hit the backstage social scene on the fourth day of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week in Solan de Cabras’ honour. Gotta give the organisers credit for pulling in a big name WAG during its fashionable festivities; sad the same couldn’t be said for London FW, which suffered from a severe lack of front row fans. Image: Pasarelacibeles.hola.com.

Iker Casillas: Moonlighting Man


‘Kickette: The TV Station’ unveils it’s first employee. Image: Bellazon.

Midweek Friendlies: Assertive Ab Adventures


Image courtesy of Kickette reader NK. Thanks!

You see the image above? This picture of Danny Agger and his abs was taken by a Kickette Soldier Girl present at the Denmark vs. England game last night. There were other photos, but unfortunately our gal’s next move was to leap the hoardings and race towards Danny, brandishing a bottle of tanning oil and a copy of ‘Tattoo Monthly’ and she was brought down by five burly security men before any contact could be made.  Her camera was damaged in the melee, as well as Danny’s shorts and a couple of innocent bystanders suffered facial scratching.


International Friendly Preparation: The Truth


No Sergio, you haven’t got away with it. Our verdict on your hairdo is coming soon. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

The controversy surrounding international friendlies during the season has raged on for so long now, we would have got bored of it if we had cared in the first place. We have no space in our lives for debates on whether players are tired, whether the the games are unnecessary and the criticism of team managers for making too many substitutions, not enough substitutions, playing the wrong formation or using an umbrella. Depending on how their team performs, of course.