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Baller Bylines: Carles Puyol & Gerard Pique


Carles Puyol: It’s your duty as a Barcelona player! I thought you understood this! You’re not playing for an ordinary club. It’s about commitment. A final push and we can take this game!
Gerard Pique: Carles, while I admire your commitment and dedication to the cause, I will not allow you to punch me in the face. My bleeding on the pitch has been caused by a series of unfortunate incidents. It is not a tactic!
Puyol: Unbelievable! The world is watching! If you bleed, people see how committed we are to the cause of Barcelona. They will see how, despite our success on the pitch, we are not complacent and are still prepared to go to any lengths to succeed. It sends a message!
Pique: Well, if that’s what it’s about, let me punch you in the face! My bleeding is old news now. Photographs of you bleeding will be so much more powerful, like Terry Butcher for England. You will become an icon! Let’s do it!
Puyol: No, forget it, that isn’t going to happen. Getting blood out of my hair is a nightmare. I’ll be in the hairdresser’s for hours while they try and get my lustrous shine and natural curl back. Nevermind, let’s just win at Panathinaikos instead.
Pique: Deal.

Well Suited Studs: Sergio Ramos & Pepe Reina


Image: ElPais.com.

Getting Social: Gonzalo Higuain & Gerard Pique


The introduction of ‘ballers to social networks is an phenomena that excites our hearts/loins and brings us more joy than baked goods with hidden travel-sized liqueurs inside.

While we previously crowned Rio Ferdinand as King of the Twitterverse, another contender is emerging as a spirited hopeful to steal away his crown.


Euro 2012 Qualifier Results


Sergio kisses it better? In our world, yes.

We’d like to say that the above photo is indicative of the international spirit of football and manlove characterising last night’s Euro 2012 qualifiers. And while Spain vs. Scotland was nearly a triumph of David and Goliath proportions, like the photo, the truth is somewhat different. There was little successful football played and the manlove was pretty thin on the ground too. Still, with true Kickette spirit, we soldier on. Pfffththhh.


Bojan Krkic: Beach Baby With A Ball


Image via donadabola

You may have lost faith in the magazine spread in recent weeks. This is understandable. After Marouane Chamakh’s bowler hat abomination and Mesut Ozil’s clown shoes carnage, who could blame you?

Fortunately we are in a position to fully restore your faith in the footie player photo shoot with these images of Bojan Krkic that are currently doing the rounds. First spotted back in April on ONTD, baby B is doing his best Supermodel, Work! for… someone. (We have no idea who, but we’re sure the Bojan stalkers that live amongst us can fill us in? Don’t make us google it. We’re not capable today.)

The important bits: Barcelona’s baby boy offers us smooth thighs, floppy hair and the kind of youthful insouciance liable to get him all chewed up in the Kickette office.

We’re rethinking our Kickette Island plans as a matter of urgency. You?