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Weekend Results: Euro 2012 Qualifiers


Kickettes! Pay attention! Taking into account last Friday’s homework assignment, we realise there’s a distinct possibility that many of you will be inhabiting Kickette Island in your head for the foreseeable future and not concentrating on important business matters. We more than anyone understand the lure, so have decided to ease you into a new (and busy) footie week with a round up of the essential Euro 2012 qualifier results.

This way, upon arrival at work you can pretend you have spent a productive weekend following the action, and not constructing elaborate fantasies involving sand and hairbraiding. You’re welcome!


QOTD: Mardy Fish Is Succinct On Spain


Cesc. Gulp. (AP Photos/Daylife)

“They’re all in unbelievable shape. You won’t come across a top-50 Spaniard who isn’t afraid to take his shirt off in practice and looks good doing it.”

Whilst talking about Spanish tennis players, US star Mardy Fish neatly outlines our entire remit.

Thanks C!

Style-Off: Spain National Team Arrivals


Apparently still reeling from our scathing review of their training camp arrival wear in March, the Spanish NT have adopted a more diplomatic approach for their  Euro 2012 qualifier against Lithuania on Friday.


Expecting: Andres Iniesta To Become A Father


Image: Getty Images via Daylife

If the Spanish NT didn’t exist, we would simply have to invent them. Not only did they delight and inspire with their World Cup winning ways, they also have allowed us all to continue to ride the wave of good cheer well into the new season with their often er… novel ways of commemorating the occasion.

Always wanted to see a WC winning captain standing near a large rock in his home town so he can be presented with a plaque? Iker can do that. Get a debatable haircut? Please. Allow Sergio. Be but a towel width away from exposing yourself to your nation’s royalty? Take it away, Carles!

Actually don’t. That’s may technically be treason, or something.

At least we can rely on one member of the side to bring some decorum to the proceedings. A big cheer for Andres Iniesta then, who has confirmed that he and his partner Anna are expecting their first baby, conceived in the post World Cup break.

A big sloppy Kickette kiss to the both of youse!

Midweek Results: Good For You?


Things had got so bad in the French NT dressing room, Florent Malouda was prepared to sacrifice almost anything for the all important win. Image: Getty Images, Reuters via Daylife

All this international friendly/European qualifier shenanigans is playing merry hell with our sanity, Kickettes. To be quite honest we haven’t got a clue who’s playing who, for what reason and when this will all go away and we can return to our happy little world of short tents, toned torsos and the occasional league match, which we can peacefully enjoy with a large margarita and a bucket of nachos.

It’s all a little too much like work, y’know.