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Weekend Results: Good For You?


Hands up who ordered two sweaty Spanish boys? Images: Reuters, Getty Images via Daylife

It’s Euro 2012 qualifiers, Kickettes! Admittedly we were taken a touch by surprise; the office diary ‘system’ having only just caught up the start of the new domestic season, but we’ve had our morning caffeine hit (or ten) and are feeling just about excitable enough to run through the results before we crash. Gah!


David Silva & Carlos Marchena: Running Interference


Image: Reuters via Daylife

David Silva: Quick, do something to distract those Kickette bishes before they start on me again! They’ve already had at my porn ‘stache this week. I’m heartbroken!

Carlos Marchena: All in hand, my friend… all in hand.

The Midweek Mmm: Iker Casillas


Kickettes, please take this opportunity to enjoy Iker Casillas, dressed casually in beige stripes and standing in a reverent manner next to a selection of men (above) and large, important rocks.

You will note that it is unlike us to promote images such as these, our remit being something rather more in this area but this was a special occasion and we are duty bound to report. FYI, Iker and the rellies were in hometown Navalacruz, where a ceremony and presentation was taking place to commemorate his overwhelming hotness.

Okay, so it was a ceremony honouring his footballing prowess, but hey. The hotness is there to be commemorated too.

And commemorate we will. Just as soon as we find our house keys/pants/hip flask.

Sergio Ramos: Taking Shorts To A New Level?



Image via ontd_football

We feel the term ‘short tent’ seems somewhat inadequate for what appears to be nesting in Sergio Ramos’ undergarments here, does it not? First Xabi, now this. Apparently, squad morale wasn’t the only thing boosted by a World Cup win.

In other news, the Ramos appears slightly perturbed that a fellow Twitterer has accused him of looking like Val Kilmer. We can’t imagine why.

QOTD: Enrique Iglesias On Spain Winning The World Cup -UPDATED


UPDATE: It looks like this actually may have happened, Kickettes. Someone give this man a cookie. And a towel.

“If Spain wins, I’m going to get drunk and ski naked in Biscayne Bay.”

–Spanish singer and cutie-booty Enrique Iglesias to the BBC, talking about what he would do if his home side won the big prize.

Although some folks have backed out on their World Cup promises (looking at you Javi**), Enrique is not going to deny the universe its rightful gawk. On a follow up conversation, he said, “A bet is a bet!”

Best call your travel agent and head to wherever the hell Biscayne Bay is. We also suggest eating a lot of vegetables, carrots in particular, so your eyes are functioning at their best.

** FYI, Javi said he would dye his hair pink and jump naked out of a plane without a parachute if Spain won the World Cup. Fortunately, he was only joking.