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Spanish Shenanigans: Drunk, Disorderly and Barely Speaking English


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Be still our (barely) beating and hungover hearts.

There’s nothing we like more than to see than hot footballers messing around when under the influence of alcohol. Especially when those “certain someone’s” are Pepe Reina on the phone with his mum. FYI, Pepe’s sexy stock is rising faster than Sergio Ramos can down that bottle of Budweiser. The fabulous Cesc Fabregas, however, is a light weight and should be mocked accordingly. And then cuddled.

Speaking of Sergio, our fave pony has let fly with the English, rendering us incoherent with squee. What is it about broken English that sets our hearts aflutter?


Iker Casillas: Prince Charming


Spain’s Royal Family welcomed the national team home today in adorably mushy fashion. Princesses Leonor and Sofia were excited to see the World Cup trophy and the trophy only. Make sense since San Iker considers himself an ordinary person from the street.

The Monday Mmm: Spain In The Changing Room


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They’re emotional, half-naked and drinking beer. This, Kickettes, is our happy place.


Iker & Sara: A World Cup Winning Kiss – UPDATED


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More, (much), more to come when we’re (slightly) sober, but for now, congratulations to Spain for winning the World Cup! Let’s all celebrate by watching Iker Casillas snog the crap out of his girlfriend, Sara Carbonero.

Basically, here’s the translation from Iker: he repeats how happy he is about 40,000 times before he thanks his parents, his (hot, younger, French-speaking) brother, and then pauses to shed a tear. After he collects himself he says, ‘and you’, before going in for the kill.

Due to her ability to partially maintain her composure rather than perform a rousing rendition of her ‘BOOYAH BISHES I’M NO BLACK CAT AFTER ALL‘ dance, Kickette HQ is now split on the sauce. Indeed, some of us appreciate and are beginning to think Iker might wife her. The rest of us are still on an anti-carb diet.

UPDATE: Telecinco confirmed that Sara’s response was…wait for it…‘mama mia’.

UPDATE II: In an interview with AS.com, Iker has dedicated his win not only to his family but also to Sara because “she’s been through a lot”.

“Team Sushi”: Spain National Team Secrets


Not sure we’d class the recent revelations by Sopitas.com about the Spanish National Team as “secrets”. To us, that would mean information about which bedtime stories Sergio Ramos reads to Pedro, and whether David Villa is buying S, M or larger-than-medium-but-still-not-Large-size underpants.

Still, we’ll take these fun tidbits of info because we’re greedy like that.