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World Cup Hottie Hunting: Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma, Spain


Spain National Team is hot all around

Images via Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe.

When you think of spry Spanish studs, does your mind immediately gravitate towards Sergio Ramos, Fernando Torres or Cesc Fabregas?

All three at the same time? Naughty!

Perhaps Pedro Rodriguez once found himself on the lower on your awareness totem pole, but that’s about to change. This 22-year-old striker’s marquee is his hair. As it turns out, he has lots of it.

He spent a brief period riding in the caboose of the SNT facial hair train, but has since opted against punching his ticket for round two. For some strange reason, we’re digging his unwaxed, macho manbrows. Since he might be the only SNT member who seems to be getting some this World Cup season, maybe his hair care formula will sweep the football fashion scene in the coming weeks?

World Cup Results: We’re Down To Four


In his hour of desperation, Paraguay’s Nelson Valdez remembers the Kickette laydeez. Image: Getty Images via Zimbio

It’s time to face the truth, Kickettes. We’re running out of football. Only three games remain before that yawning chasm that is the off-season opens up before us. Frankly, we’re nervy.

Our only consolation? After all this is over is we will pick ourselves up, pack our lotion, sunnies and industrial-size drum of vodka, before heading off to stalk football players across the globe as they attempt to have a peaceful, private holiday with their families.

In the meantime, please enjoy our thoughts on the feast of footie that was the WC quarter final matches from Friday and Saturday. Wooh hah!


The Friday Fit: Cesc Fabregas, Spain


He’s fierce and he’s fluffy. So deal with it.

FYI: in case you missed our recent Cesc-related tweets, 1. He loves strawberry Actimel and 2. He has an interesting choice of songs selected on his iTunes Playlist.

World Cup Word Games: Spanish National Team


We’re all about keeping things light today, dear readers, as motivation ain’t running too high.

Because our inner fantasies can barely contain themselves, we’re playing The Kickette Word Association Game. The rules are this: we’ll give a word and/or phrase and you must disclose the first thought/person that comes to mind.

You can thank the magical minds of Barney’s and Simon Doonan for inspiring this game. If you know your Spanish NT gossip, this should be a breeze.


QOTD: Xavi On Midget Bullfighting


Q:  Why have shows with midgets in the bullfighting ring in Zaragoza been prohibited?

A:  So, does that mean I can’t perform?

Brilliant, no? We like a man who can make a joke about his size – the rather-talented midfielder stands at about 5’7″. After all, good things (like shiny things from Tiffany) come in small packages.

Read the full translated interview from El Pais here.