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Golden Rule: Carlos Bocanegra & Iker Casillas


Images via Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images; Attila Kisbenedek/AFP/Getty Images; Fame Pictures.

German Captain in MiamiThe cream of the highly-talented/highly hot crop is fading fast, Kickettes, and we’re freaking out. So help us, if we hear any more bad news bears around the WC, we’re throwing in the (stolen) Mandarin Oriental Hotel towel and moving to Mars.

There’s those who’ve succumbed to injury – Rio Ferdinand, Didier Drogba, D-Becks, Michael Essien, and Jozy Altidore, to name a few – and then there’s those not given a fair fiery shot, such as Marco Borriello, Pato and Karim Benzema. At least Michael Ballack’s injury occurred early enough to give him the chance to enact his summertime Plan B – hitting the shores of Miami with his wife, Simone. Bah, who are we kidding, Micha’s nipples deserved their place on the pitch.

Please, dear readers, send your warmest fuzzies to all the genetically-blessed guys out there still taking part in the World Cup, including Carlos Bocanegra (USA) and Iker Casillas (Spain). We would encourage physio assistance, but room between their thighs is at a premium and we’re not giving up our reservations just yet.

Short Tent Spotting: Gerard Pique, Spain


Kickette Short Tent

Gerard Pique’s short tent stood front and center sideways following his team’s goal celebration during the Spain v. Saudi Arabia friendly last weekend. Image via Getty Images Europe.

Footy Love: FIFA Likes Louis Vuitton, Too


Spain National Team 2010This summer’s most prized possession just got a major home renovation. Later this week, the Official FIFA World Cup Trophy will be making its way from Paris to South Africa in a specially-made Louis Vuitton case.

Can you say “big pimpin”? How about “holla!” Or, “Stop it now, you’re annoying.”

LV is preferred by WAGs and players alike, we think the worldwide football community can take partial credit for keeping the luxury brand’s business thriving even during a recession.  Of course, we this ‘fashion meets football case’ partnership is a natural, publicity-driven one, and reason enough for us to showcase Sergio Ramos and his LV luggage departing the SNT’s plane last week.

Perhaps our recommended “fined by FIFA” treatment for those without monogrammed goods will come to fruition after all?

Cesc Fabregas: Hot & Bothered Boredom


Spanish National Team World Cup

Nothing says “I’d rather be eating donuts” than staring at the ceiling. Praying for the presser to be over doesn’t work either. Nevertheless, his beard is working for us. Images via AFP Photos.

Lazy Links & Randoms


Spanish National Team
Before reporting to national team training camp, two of Spain’s shining stars had a busy three day weekend. Iker Casillas took girlfriend, Sara Pastasauce, to meet his grandparents while Santi Cazorla fronted a AXE Men promo event.

Once the Spanish NT reunited, stroking Andres Iniesta’s head felt especially good for Gerard Pique.
Meanwhile, Phillippe Mexes went grocery shopping.
Abbey Clancy has been hogging all of her modeling tips to herself. Poor Peter Crouch.
Have you signed the “footballers should go shirtless without punishment” petition yet?!
The Special One even has special spit.
Luis Figo gave good chat to Vanity Fair, looked scrum in accompanying photo
Is it just us or has Helen Svedin been pregnant with Figo’s fourth child for about two years now? And is Nani really engaged to Daniela Martins?
Marouane Chamakh and his hair have officially been unveiled at Arsenal.
Finally, after hearing the shocking news of RoI/Everton’s Shane Duffy’s freak accident (which left him fearing for his life), we sincerely hope he makes a full recovery after undergoing emergency surgery. Hang in there, Shane, we’re all thinking of you!