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Cesc Fabregas: How Does He Measure Up?


Image: spetteguless.it.

Just a thought, but if the Barcelona medical staff are thorough enough to  measure his tan-lines, does that mean they record the dimensions of everything else too? If they do, and there are photos of it, there are few things we won’t give up to gain sight of them.

A couple of our number have offered limbs. We’re not joking.

Olympic Results: Friendly Reminders & Unfriendly Roars


Ooh, heavens. Honduras just exploded with joy. Image: Stanley Chou/Getty Images.

We’re getting into the Olympic spirit, Kickettes!

Well, we’re making snarky comments about footballers in various states of undress. Does that count?


Pitter Patter: Jesus Navas & Alejandra Moral Welcome Jesus Jnr


Congrats to the ridiculously beautiful pair, who showed off their brand new son yesterday at the USP Sagrado Corazon Hospital in Seville.

Whether young Jesus has inherited Daddy’s ice blue eyes, we can’t yet say as the newborn kept ‘em closed while the paps did their thing. But you can be assured we will be trawling the internet until we have resolved the mystery.

Bump & Bulge Watch: Yolanda Cardona & Victor Valdes


Yolanda Cardona continues to be hush about her rumoured bun in the oven, just like she and her man were the first time around, so the baby bump gossip is basically all but verbally confirmed to be true. [Ed Note: unless we missed a previous announcement or something?] Of course, these two keep their personal lives so private that we could be wrong. Yolanda’s rounded midsection that she showcased on the beach in Sardinia could really be a painless, non-emergency gallstone, for instance.

But obviously our trusty eyeballs have led our minds elsewhere, to an imaginary situ involving Victor sticking his key in her ignition. Which would mean that the protrusion between her black bikini is the couple’s second child in the making (their son Dylan, pictured at left, will be 3-years-old in August).

And while the status of Miss Cardona’s stomach is her own business, her man’s wet bulge is ours. Hallelujah for minuscule bathing suits for men, Kickettes. Without them, our life’s work would be incomplete.

Jesé Rodríguez: Most Valuable Puppy


Kickettes! The Spanish U19 team just beat Greece in some final. This guy scored the winner and picked up the MVP award for his trouble.

What else can we do but concur?