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Mummy & Me: Sergio & Paqui Ramos


Image via The Ramos’ Twitter.

‘Baller boys getting pictured with their mommas is a win/win for us. Not only do we get to make the “awww” noises that we usually reserve for player offspring, but we don’t have to deal with the whole he’s having sex with someone and it’s not us thing.

But since we’re on the subject of the laydeez in Sergio’s life, has anyone seen Lara recently?

As you know, we’re not in the business of speculating upon the status of people’s relationships, but the lucky lady has been rather conspicuous in her absence lately

Sergio Ramos: Campaigning Hard For The Finest Five


We just can’t quit the ‘ballers on breaks right now, Kickettes. Is that so wrong of us?

Don’t answer that.

In light of yesterday’s rethinking of the Finest Five (thanks to Carlos), what do you all have to say about us potentially bumping Sergio up on our hottie totem pole?

Euro 2012: Last Day, Last Call


After their national team won its second straight Euro cup, we assumed Spain fans drunkenly flew home to shave their legs before hitting up Cibeles for the parade. Hmph! In any event, take a look back at Euro 2012 through the adidas football tumblr. Video: adidas football.

Mr & Mrs: Andres Iniesta & Anna Ortiz


Image: JOSEP LAGO/AFP/GettyImages.

Back to back Euro 2012 champion, Andres Iniesta, finally married his longtime girlfriend (and mother to his daughter, Valeria) Anna Ortiz over the weekend, Kickettes.

Like we didn’t see this one coming.

Enjoy a preview of the couple’s unofficial wedding album here.

Sergio Ramos: Step Away From The Stretch Pants


As for Sergio, my, what a big hose he has. Image: @SergioRamos.

Pink lycra: for students of dance, not men approaching 30.

Sorry amigo de Sergio.