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‘Ballers On Breaks: Gerard Pique Gets His Hair Did


Shakira’s boyfriend ventured into a Barcelona hair salon today to shape up his coif. Style options were shave it, trim it or just invest in a decent dry shampoo.

Pique’s “before” or “after” shots weren’t available, which means it’s anybody’s guess as to how things turned out. We, for one, never took issue with his usual spiky and scruffy M.O., so if G did decide it was time for a change, it could impact his chances of qualifying for our upcoming Euro 2012 MVP contest.

MVP = Most Valuable Piece (of tournament-playing ass).

‘Ballers & Bubbas On Breaks: Fernando Torres & Family


Grrr…we hate when we have to watermark pics like this, too.

We’re all suckers for a man with a baby, but day-um, when it’s a shirtless Fernando Torres on an Ibiza beach with two kids – his son, Leo, and daughter, Nora – there is no higher (or hotter) ‘ballers and bubbas summit.

Honestly, could this photo get any better, Kickettes?

What we love most in particular is Fer’s facial expression: resigned to the fact that, in about two hours, his limbs will be limp from all the lifting small children out of the water because they can’t swim energy he’s about to exert.

Aitor Ocio’s Abs: Unemployed Yet Undeterred


It’s a good thing Aitor Ocio has his abs to fall back on because starting next season, he’s out of a job at Athletic Bilbao. Gainful employers, now’s your time to step forward and hire this man’s bodily services – at a cut price, no less. Image: vanitatis.

Fernando Torres & Sergio Ramos: The “SerNando” Signing Conundrum



You think Sergio Ramos and Fernando Torres ever get tired of co-signing “SerNando” on fans’ memorabilia? Since both of their siggys are required, how attached at the autograph are they? Is it always Sergio who starts things off with “Ser” or are there instances where Fernando scrawls his “Nando” suffix first? And do they use the same colour ink as each other, or do they occasionally give ROYGBIV a run for its money?

You may think that our line of questioning is generic and trivial, but it’s not. The “SerNando” signing conundrum is a longstanding concern of ours, one that we’ve lost countless nights of beauty sleep over.

Good Week/Bad Week: Kisses & Misses


Images: REUTERS/Eloy Alonso, Matt Cardy/Getty Images.

And finally, three hours after the rest of the competitors have dragged themselves over the week’s finishing line, Kickette staffers wheeze their way into the final straight.

Only a few more steps to go. Cheers us on, would you?