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QOTD: Swedish Sincerity Over Spying


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“That’s great. Thanks very much.”

— Sweden’s assistant manager in response to Ola Billger, of the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper, after he obtained a sneak preview of Roy Hodgson’s tactical plans.

And how did the Billger do just that? By peering through his fourth floor Kiev Opera Hotel room’s skylight down into a third-floor meeting room where the England manager was briefing his players. Of course.

Euro 2012 In Pictures: England vs Ukraine, Sweden vs France


Our match viewing beer/spritzer/liquor goggles, caught in still frame.

Yowser, yesterday’s games were doozies, weren’t they Kickettes?

Wayne Rooney scored in his triumphant return from suspension, John Terry saved the day for England (which the referees’ chief later said should’ve been a goal) and Shevchenko’s 20 minute cameo failed to give us a good glimpse of his yummy tummy.

We also caught Ibrahimovic’s stellar strike and bicep(s) flex.

A footy-free evening is upon us and we plan on recharging the hell out of our internal batteries. You?

Euro 2012 In Pictures: It’s Torso Time


Image: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images Europe.

Some mid-sections are never concerned with being caught unawares, Kickettes.

Here’s a “we came to get down” selection of them from all this weekend’s matches.

Nearly, Nearly: Olof Mellberg, Sweden


AP Photo/Sergei Grits

It’s Thursday and we’re all one one day shy of surviving the first full week of nonstop Euro 2012 infotainment.

None of us deserve this, so several servings of vintage Olof we shall have instead.

The Tuesday Two-For-One: Andriy Shevchenko, Ukraine


No one loves liquid lunches, dinners and midnight snacks more than us, Kickettes. But three straight days of ‘em finally did us in during last night’s Ukraine vs Sweden game, which means that sadly, we don’t have a recap or gallery stuffed with hi-res Ibra hair photos for you to gloss through.

Take Sheva’s torso and inner thighs as a doubly pleasurable consolation prize and don’t write our Mums telling them what a crap job they did raising us, please?