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The Elite Eleven: Our 2009 Squad Selection


EXIIt’s the ultimate fantasy team – our 2009 picks for the hottest squad of the season.

You know, we’re feeling reflective, Kickettes. We’ve learned a lot about life, the universe and base layers over the course of making our selections. Indeed, we never thought one could become numb to abs or short tents, but it’s possible. We’re checking ourselves into a rest home to help deal with the vertigo.

Now onwards we go. Please – we implore those of you that take this type of thing very seriously (ie, everyone), to please read our selection notes below prior to sharing your feelings/having a spasm/calling the government to report us.


Freeness: Select the Sexy and Win


imageThis contest is now closed. EXI reveal coming shortly!

After nearly a year in the making, our Elite XI squad is ready.

Sure, it’s all a little anti-climatic now since we’ve dragged it out so long , but let’s keep going, shall we?

We thought it would be fun to have a competition for our readers to guess which players we’ve chosen for the team.  The reader that gets the most number of names correct will win a copy of Grant Wahl’s The Beckham Experiment

Unless you’ve been locked inside Selfridges for the last month (lucky), you’ve already heard plenty about this book. It’s the one that caused Landon Donovan (who now has H1N1 flu, btw) to fall out with Becks. They’ve since made up. Or so they say, anyway.

imageAll you have to do to win the book is tell us who you think made it on our squad. Not who you want on the team, but who you think we’ve chosen. We’ll give you some hints: we’ve gone for a smorgasbord of men; there will be some surprises; they all are comfortable removing their clothes in public.

Please leave your answers below, contest closes at 11.00 EST on Monday August 17, when we will throw up our choices for 2009. If two readers leave the same (correct) answers, we’ll be holding a mud wrestling tie-breaker to determine the winner. Have fun!

The Elite XI: Gorgeous Gaffers



Only one position remains to be filled in our perfectly-formed professional team of delectables.

Of course, we need a manager to lead our sizzle squad to glory, both on the pitch and in our loins.  But who? Such a man would have not only be physically swoon-worthy of the highest calibre, but he would need to possess incredible skill, mental strength and confidence in order to not be intimidated by the full force of the pretty he was in charge of. 

Also, we think he should dress like a well-tailored GQ model and have a snarl that could tame a wild tiger, but that’s just us.

Above are a few of our top choices for our (soon to be unveiled) Elite XI Squad managers – have we missed anyone?  Who do you think should lead the pack?

The Elite XI: Glorious Goalkeepers



We’ve discussed our love of hot keepers in the past, and now it’s time to re-open the debate for our compilation of the Elite Eleven.

It is, of course, obvious where our loyalties lean for the top spot, but unlike our happily biased, personal picks for the Finest Five, the Elite Eleven takes the general consensus amongst our readers into consideration as well. So, there is a possibility (however slight, we admit), that another keeper could get a look in.

Plus, the sub bench has spaces open, and looks likely to host the hottest bunch of toasty-bottomed benchwarmers in the history of those who look hot whilst seated on their perfect posteriors.

Who do you think should take the top place as the protector of our scrummy squad?  We open the debate with a few for your perusal (above), but there are so very many to choose from.

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The Elite XI: Delish Defenders



We’re nearing the home stretch in the quest to create the ultimate fantasy football team, Kickettes.

This round we’re looking at the back four, the big boys who serve and protect, who muscle, elbow and occasionally groin kick in the name of glory, the thunderous-thighed who like to rough it up. 

As you can imagine, this is definitely one of our fav positions on the pitch.  And interestingly, the number of hot defenders out there to choose from is staggering.  Here are just a few that we love – there are many, many more.  Who do you think deserves a spot in the hottest team in the world? We’re going with a 4-4-2 formation, btw. 

We’ll be announcing the official Elite Eleven in a few weeks.  Happy objectifying!

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