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The Elite XI: Man Candy in the Midfield



Remember the good old days when we used to update our features like the Thursday Thigh Off or our new Elite XI series regularly?

Hang on, let us just move this tumbleweed and kick a few crickets out of the way.

Right.  Back to the Elite XI.  For those who can’t recall the modus operandi of this segment, this is our version of Fantasy Football Manager and, as always, we appreciate your input on who you think should be part of the sexiest team to ever hit the playing field. 

We’ve already taken your votes on the hottest strikers, and now we’re moving to our midfield.*  Btw, we’ll reveal who we’ve selected at our gala unveiling once we have the entire team selected.  We’re assuming this will be a matter of national news.

Who would be top of the midfield list on your fantasy footie team? Please remember, actual footballing talent is irrelevant; we want to reward only the pretty.

Sidenote: we hope all of our dear readers know that the Kickette Army’s opinions on hotness and notness, in particular with our Elite XI, do not go unnoticed by the media.

*Can we get a poll on whether we should include wingers in the striker or midfielder category?

The Elite XI: Sizzling Strikers



Hallelujah, it’s the start of the season. 

Time to play Football Manager, Kickette-style, and it’s a true fantasy league we’re building: the hottest team to ever grace the pitch.

Team affiliations have no relevance here; it’s all about creating a supremely talented universal force of pretty that wins games with ease, skyrockets to the top of the table and battles against the evils of the unattractive at the same time. 

We’ll be making our men-as-objects-selects every Friday at irregular intervals in our quest to create the Elite Eleven for the 2008/09 season.  We’ve included a few above to get you in the mood, but there are so many to choose from it’s not going to be easy.

Enough chit chat: tell us who you fancy as the hottest striker out there.

UPDATE: We’re going with a 4-4-2 formation, and you’re free to nominate any hot striker you see fit for the task.

FYI, We’re open to suggestions from our always astute and foxy readers:
- Would you like us to have both an EPL Elite IX and a ROW Elite crew, or just one universally sexy squad?
- Should we follow the much discussed 6 + 5 rule?
- Do we stick to the standard five subs, or have a few back up hotties per position?
- or, should we just clone Iker Casillas and put him in every position and call it a day? Do tell.