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Belated B-Day: Iker Casillas



You know, sometimes we worry that our obsession for Iker Casillas has gone too far. That the fantasy world we have created around him is just too unrealistic, and perhaps… even disturbing. 

And then we come to our senses, light another candle at our home, office, car and nail salon Iker-shrines and make out furiously with our life-sized Iker pillows.

See? Perfectly healthy.

Iker turned 28 yesterday – it’s the second year in a row we’ve forgotten. What gives?

We’re thinking as a please-forgive present, Iker deserves to be moved from our Finest Five list to head up our Hot Hall of Fame. Once lust turns to an everlasting love, it’s time to move on – and we don’t think we’ll ever grow tired of Iker’s geeky clothes, crazy goal-keeper idiosyncrasies and sizzling profile.

Do you approve?

Random: Happy b-day as well to Chelsea’s Petr Cech, who celebrated his 27th birthday yesterday!

Fernando Torres: Facial Hair Officially Confirmed



In our ongoing consideration of whether Liverpool’s Fernando Torres should be placed on our Finest 5 list, we requested evidence that he, our favourite freckled player, was capable of growing facial hair. And so, this photo of confirmation was sent to us.

But herein lies the rub.  Our lovely Nando seems to be made from the elite breed of facial hair growth we call Barely Clinging.

One stiff breeze and those four chin hairs would be gone faster than you can say “onset of puberty”.

Your thoughts? Is this enough proof that our favourite freckle-faced boy is man enough for the job at hand?

Random: Iker avec scruff is attached for comparative reference.


cheers Malin!

Finest Five 3.1: Welcome Yoann Gourcuff



Please welcome our new addition to the Finest Five list*: 22-year-old Yoann Gourcuff, an attacking midfielder currently playing for Bordeaux, on loan from AC Milan.

Here’s why he’s joined our illustrious sizzle list: READ MORE

Iker Casillas: A New Era of Facial Hair?



image courtesy of ZUMAPRESS/KEYSTONE Press for Kickette.com

Fernando Torres: Bringing the Bedhead



Image Credits: Getty Images, ZUMA/KEYSTONE Press.

To all those naysayers who told us that our Fernando Torres haircut prayers would go unheard, we have this to say: boo-yah!


This leads us to a new dilemma.  With our much adored hot geek, Cesc Fabregas, currently experiencing what one can only describe as severe hair trauma, is it time for a switcheroo on the Finest Five list?  After all, we kept Fern off the list because of his hair, even with those freckles and thighs and such…

Stay tuned, Kickettes. This calls for deep consideration.