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The Finest Five: Who Belongs?


Kickette’s Finest Five list has always been a controversial one with our readers.

We take a lot of heat for Becks’ place at the top of the list, even though he is going nowhere else.

We may never recover from being told point blank that one of our favs, Freddie Ljungberg should be taken off the list because he is “old.  and BALD.“ That shook us to our very core, it did.

No one, inclucing ourselves, understands our attraction to the arrogant acid-wash denim wearing Cisse, and our love of Mutu leaves most lukewarm.

A casual question about Cristiano Ronaldo (currently in second place) resulted in a comment section battle royale…

Is it time for an overhaul of the Finest Five list? Who is in your finest five list?

Try not to exhaust yourselves, this can be taxing work.