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The F5 Rejig: How’s Marco Coping?


Image: Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images Europe.

We know how important the Finest 5 list is to you guys. Our beleaguered comments moderator’s refusal to come out from underneath her desk when we do an update tells us that.

But in your haste to complain at us for leaving out the likes of Sergio, Aaron, Fernando and David James (ahem), have you lot even stopped to think about the effect that these lists have on the players? The agony of rejection, the realisation that your goods are no longer sufficient to keep the Kickette staffers visually stimulated?

The pressure must be awful.


Cesc Fabregas & Abbey Crouch: At The Brit Awards 2012 – UPDATED


Barcelona baller at Brit Awards 2012 hot hair well suited tie Daniela Semaan

Cesc Fabregas Daniela Semaan boyfriend girlfriend WAG former Arsenal playerWe didn’t watch most of Tuesday’s Brit Awards – mainly because we’re not fans of the show for the same reasons as Joey Barton – but we managed to tune in just as Cesc Fabregas was muttering his way through Ed Sheeran’s name.

It was more than cute, Kickettes. So was his hair cut.

Fabregas new WAG girlfriendFor those wondering, it’s not clear if Sex (or Seb, depending on your sources)…walked the red carpet or not. If he did, we’ll find those photos and spam you with them later. UPDATE: It’s clear, and he walked it with Daniella Semaan in tow.

Someone who was on the red carpet that we feel obliged to mention: Abbey Clancy Crouch. No matter how hard she tries to deny, something funky is going on with her inflatable trout pout. Ya heard?

Roy Carroll: Talk To The Hand


Europa league action

Roy Carroll is mobbed after saving a penalty for Olympiakos, Rubin Kazan v Olympiakos, Europa League, Moscow, Russia, 14 February 2012. Image: Getty Images.

Friday couldn’t have come soon enough for us this week, Kickettes. We need some serious work relief.

Olalla Dominguez Liste husband wife WAG height tall blond highlights hairUnfortunately some players like Olympiakos’ Carroll are acting a bit miffy since we reworked the F5 list. Seems “temporary change” isn’t in Roy’s vocabulary and we’re being given the hand.

Damn these rich and physically supreme men with their ethical standards.

You don’t see Fernando Torres complaining, and he’s yet to make it back on the list.  Look how devastated he is, poor lamb.

Finest Five 6.5: Say Hello To Our New Sizzling Sweethearts


Happy Valentine’s Day, Kickettes!

Usually we hate having to mix our “classies” and “one-nighters” wish lists, but today’s festive spirit has put us in a lovey-dovey (and lustful) mood.

Not quite ready for a total Finest Five re-shuffle? Neither were we, but we still think our readers will be giddy with man meat glee once you see the modifications made especially with you all in mind.


Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Another Monday is upon us, but let’s at least start the day gently with some morning loveliness by way of Phil Jagielka on a zebra bed.

Pull out those curlers and get the coffee on, Kickettes, we’ve lots to catch up on today.

Oh, and yes, we are still intoxicated from this weekend’s games. More on that later.

How was your two day work reprieve, btw?