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Singles Market: Diego and Kiko


imageDiego, (who signed for Juventus in May), was back on the singles market for about an hour this month.

FYI, in this current economy, the window of opportunity to hook up with a footballer is mighty small – and getting smaller still, Kickettes.

Best to have some sort of GPS installed on your favourite player if you’re serious about getting in there.

Anyhoo, Diego was recently seen getting hot and heavy with the German singer Sarah Connor in Ibiza.

The main problem?

Sarah is not his long-time girlfriend.  According to this article, Diego’s main chica, Bruna Leticia Araujo, dumped him the second she saw the photos of him engaged in extra-curricular activities all over the papers. Guess the tried-and-tested “deny until even you believe the lie” strategy didn’t work so well this time.

Moving on.


Italian Players: The Summer of Tabloid Love


imageWe love the Italian media.

When it comes to reporting the good, bad and in-between of Italian footballer behaviour, they always err on the side of dramatic. 

According to all the tabs, just about every player in the league has done some relationship damage in the off-season

Split: Jose and Matilde Mourinho to Divorce – UPDATED




Although reports in numerous media outlets in Portugal and Spain ran stories last wee about The Special One and his “special” friendships with other women, Jose Mourinho and his wife have gone public denying they are separating.

The family have done a group shot whilst on holiday with the magazine Lux, and insist all is well on the home front.  Interestingly enough, the magazine states that Mourinho isn’t going to sue anyone who printed the story about the divorce.

Curious, no? If the stories were way off base, wouldn’t you be calling in the solicitors? We sense all is not what it seems on this one, Kickettes.

Original story continues below.

To all those with a penchant for the silver foxes amongst us, here’s a heads up.

Jose Mourinho, Inter Milan’s head coach and key cashmere-wearer is getting a divorce from his wife, Matilde.

Apparently, the straw that broke wifey’s tolerance levels were the rumours of Jose hooking up with an Italian woman

Matilde (also known as ‘Tami’)  is allegedly the one who contacted the lawyers first to initiate divorce proceedings.  It’s not the first time she’s had to deal with stories about Jose’s women wrangling, either.

Looks like there may be a court battle for possession of moola and other such items – wonder what’s really gone down for Matilde to want to take her childhood sweetheart to the cleaners? Maybe she discovered he used her good moisturizer and forgot to put the cap back on. That’s grounds for divorce.

Jose has three children, Matilde, Jose Jr. (Zuca). He and Matilda senior met when they were teenagers in Portugal and got married in 1989. Reports say the family is on vacation in the far east but don’t confirm whether it’s Matilda on her own with the kids or if Jose is there too.

thanks TB and Carly!

Baller Soap Operas: Sergio Aguera and Gianinna Maradona – UPDATED




The hoochie in the club/chica in question has been ID’d as Luisana Varacalli. Something about Luisana’s winning personality has left most in the media unsure about whether she’s an attention seeking story-teller or if her take on the matter is kosher, but here it is:

- Luisana says she had sex with Sergio at the club behind a partition and then headed back to his hotel at 7am for more… sharing and special time together.

- According to her, Kun is a “timid, simple and humble” boy. In the same breath, she labels him as a ten in the sack and a very good kisser.

- Luisana also busts Kun by saying that she’s not the vixen coming between them because he considers himself “practically single”.

image- Doesn’t everyone look happy at the baptism for little Benji? Apparently the proceedings were very tense. Can’t think why. Gossip reports say that both Maradona Sr and Maradona daughter are furious about the whole situ and decided to put on the baptism to save face.  Not been confirmed, but it’s a nice juicy detail nonetheless. No word on who styled the baby’s hair for the event.

We’ll keep you posted as things develop. Most likely into some kind of restraining order.

Catch up on the original story below. READ MORE

Split: Claude Makelele and Noemie Lenoir



Tragic news, Kickettes. Noemie Lenoir has to turn in her WAG status card. Her relationship with Paris St. Germain player Claude Makelele is over.

Noemie made our website a much prettier place, and we can’t bear the thought of not having her around anymore.

So what happened? Well, details are scarce, but let’s just say Noemie and Claude haven’t been without their issues in the past.

Lest we forget, Claude had a well-publicized affair with a model that none of the Kickette commenters liked very much, followed swiftly by a damage control quote from his agent of epic-fail proportions. (“He’s denying it. But even if it was true, he’s going to deny it. They’re all at it, but when they’re caught they deny it.“)

Previous to that, there had been other alleged incidents with skeevies – stories about Claude cheating on Noemie when she was pregnant with their son, Kelyan, and telling her he was too tired from footie practice to have sex, when he was really shagging half of London at the time.


It’s rumoured that the French couple have been split for about 6 months, which adds up to us. We started seeing photos of Noemie in New York with men that weren’t Claude about 4 months ago, and most recently she has been linked to music mogul Russell Simmons. Claude has also moved on and been sunning it up in Barbados with a Noemie lookylikey.

We wish both Claude and Noemie all the best for the future. Well, really just Noemie.