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Dimitar Berbatov with a javelin. Wow. That’s something we never thought we’d write/see.

Posting your junk on the internet: no biggie. So says Elano, who’s had to apologize to wifey after, well, posting his junk on the internet.

Liverpool issue a statement over American radio host Steve Cohen’s comments about Hillsborough.

Barcelona are under attack. By their footy kits. Another reason why teams should train nekkid.

Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa are being charged by UEFA; Cesc Fabregas has been cleared by the FA in the spitting row with Hull.

Luis Figo says he’s open to playing anywhere in the world and that he’s waiting for some calls. Speed dialing now.

Lazy Links and Randoms



Eric Cantona on the red carpet at Cannes promoting his new film, Looking for Eric. His wife is gorge but we feel she could use a dollop or two of Frizz-Ease.

It’s an Iker Casillas mural. Upload your photo and you could be sitting on his pillow lips. Virtually, anyway.

England launches it’s World Cup 2018 bid with David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Prince William. Great, but we’re still kind of focused on 2010 at the moment, cheers.

The seven deadly sins of football: we’ve been most fascinated with Wrath.

Get your dose of dirty-hot with Nemanja Vidic’s sexy-arse accent talking about his Man Utd boys.

Bonus: in case you missed the argy-bargy with Arbeloa and Carragher during the West Brom-Liverpool game, here’s the important bit – Xabi Alonso with his shirt off. Yes, they’re related news pieces.

Phil Neville sells his gold-gilded Versace-gone-mad styled house for £1.5 million under the asking price.

Oh dear. Elen Rives’s new man already has a woman. So much for that strategy.

Last, but far from least, hurrah to Dutch champions AZ, who won the Eredivisie title late last month – it’s their first since 1981. Sweet!

Skankocity: The Study Continues



Note: This post originally appeared in 2007. Due to the continued and non-stop dating actions of several individuals, it was necessary for an update.  You may want to purchase a condom before reading any further.

Have you heard? Danielle Lloyd is dating a Tottenham player. Her third, in case you’re counting.

You know what that means.  It’s time for a Six Degrees of Skanocity 2009 update:

Update, April 2009

9. Chantelle Houghton, a reality TV “star” of D-list (and D-cup) proportions, worked her weave off trying to hook up with Jermain Defoe, and the hard graft paid off. The pair dated for a few months before Jermain cheated on Chantelle.  Never mind that Chantelle broke the cardinal rule of dating her friend, Danielle’s, ex-boyfriend, she was still shocked and heartbroken.

Chantell did learn a lot about love though. At the end of her relationship with Jermain, she declared: Expensive shoes don’t make you happy, they really don’t.

WTF? There’s no helping some people.


Was Ashley Cole Set Up?



A very purr-worthy piece of gossip just popped in our inbox, courtesy of the delightful scamps at over at Popbitch.

First, a quick bit of background for those who need it: after a recent charity event with Chelsea, a rather sloshed Ashley Cole was photographed at a nightclub talking to a “mystery” blond.  Cut to some pushy-shovey-shouty scene involving the paparazzi, and Ashley being led off in handcuffs. 

This happened at the same time as his wife, Cheryl, was climbing Mount Kilamanjaro for the Comic Relief charity. She probably wasn’t even wearing lipstick at the time, poor lass.

However, things suddenly aren’t looking so cut and dry.  Talk is spreading amongst insiders that this “mystery” skeeve/skank/wagabee was allegedly hired by the tabloids (who had already been following Ashley closely with their cameras poised for potential misbehaviour while his wife was away.)

The current theory in one newsroom is that the “mystery blonde” was in the employ of the tabloid… And, the Sun’s showbiz editor, Gordon Smart, was supposed [to have been] on the Comic Relief trip – and only a family bereavement stopped him from being on hand for the exclusive on Cheryl’s reaction after Ashley’s arrest.

Was Ashley set up? Sure, he shouldn’t have had much to say to the random chica other than, “I’m married, luv, piss off now”, but it certainly offers up another possibility as to why he reacted the way he did when the flashbulbs started popping. 

Is Luca Toni Cheating on his Girlfriend?



imageJust a few months ago, Luca Toni’s long-time girlfriend, Marta, was openly chatting to the media about her relationship with the Bayern Munich Italian goof-ball of good hair and lengthy limbs.  Now, she’s dealing with national news stories in Italy and Germany about an alleged relationship Luca has been having with model Sandy Meyer Woelden.

Sandy is famous not only for her side-boob, but also for dating tennis star Boris Becker.

FYI, Boris dumped her via text message.  But don’t feel too sorry for her, she looks like the type to always land on her feet.

Apparently, Sandy and Luca shared a romantic dinner together at Hugos in Monaco di Bavaria and departed to a hotel nearby afterwards; other reports have it that they were “doing the rounds” at all the popular Bayern player hangouts.  The final straw of proof for the tabloids was when Luca attended a show where Sandy was modelling and “his eyes were like lightning” when he looked at her.

Hmmm. Oh, and he also made some sort of gesture with his tie that was construed as a love signal.

However, one reporter covering the story is now saying that Luca and Sandy are just close friends and that this is much ado about nothing. 

Luca has denied any romantic involvement with Sandy.

Side note: are you secure enough to have a woman like this as one of your boyfriend’s “hang out” buddies?  We can safely say that in our world, this type of “friend” would be introduced to a swift kick in the shins and handed a schedule for the local train service.

thanks to taru and amelie!