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Infidelity Files: Claude Makelele



We truly hope that one day in our lifetime we will get to feature a story about a baller who is actually faithful to their dedicated WAG cling-on. 


*tumbleweed blows through*

In the meantime, let’s talk about the random ‘model’ tart, Katya Prudnikova, who has sold her story to the NOTW saying she’s had a torrid affair with Claude Makelele.  As you know, Claude is shacked up with the mother of his young son, Noemie Lenoir, who is a model also – one who is employed by actual companies and fashion designers.

Apparently, Claude hooked Katya up with shopping sprees and hot booty ‘til the break-a-dawn, the details of which made us feel ick so we shant repeat.


Thierry Henry Gets Made Up



The woman behind the divorce of Thierry Henry and his wife Claire has been revealed.

She’s a celebrity make-up artist, named Sadie Hewlett

We use the term ‘celebrity’ with just a smidge of sarcasm because some of Sadie’s celeb clients include the Cheeky Girls and Jodie Marsh.  Perhaps a more accurate description would be ‘non-celebrity’ makeup artist, but whatevs.  She also lists John Terry as a client, and met Thierry after making him up for an advert he was shooting.


Infidelity Files: Jose Mourinho


Sorry we’re late on the uptake with this one Kickettes, we’ve been on extreme retail therapy after the England/Russia fiasco. No, we don’t want to talk about it. But we do have several dozen new shoes to help us deal.

Anyhoo, rumors are swirling (via the 50% reliable Sun tabloid)  that Jose Mourinho has instituted his rotation policy in his love life as well.  Bah-dum, dum.

Apparently, Jose kept his wife, Matilde, and their children in one part of Portugal while he kept his sexy “princess” girlfriend, Elsa Sousa, with him in his apartment and introduced her as his wife to the team and fans. 

The hard charging manager has been accused of the unforgivable acts of using babytalk when speaking to mistress Elsa and doin’ the nasty to Bryan Adams and Sting.  According to The Sun:

“They did very saucy things together. Mourinho is a very sexual man. He particularly likes making love to Sting.” 

Seriously? Bryan Adams?  Bryan Ferry, yes, Bryan Adams, hell to the no.

It is also believed that Elsa chose the clubs Jose would manage. Wonder if Porto is erecting, err, casting a statue in her honor?  Elsa and Jose split when the real Mrs. Mourinho decided that her children needed their papa and moved to Porto. 

As for the move to Chelsea, perhaps Jose got pumped up after listening to a little Sting and made the call himself, what with the prospects of managing like-minded playboys John Terry and Frank Lampard too hard to pass-up.

Elsa is writing a book about the experience.  Oh yes, we will be buying that one.

The latest goss is that two other women of the hoochie variety are coming forward claiming to have been ‘princesses’ as well.  All the while, Matilde never knew nary a whisper of this until it broke in the tabloids this week   He didn’t crown himself The Special One for nothing.

Question: Where do you think Jose should coach next? Would you throw a little “Everything I do” on your iPod for one night with Jose?

Link: Jose Had Two Other Affairs
Link: Jose’s Secret Two Year Affair

Cheers S!

Beck Talk: On the Loos



Rebecca Loos, former personal assistant to the Beckhams/web-spinning spider, has arrived in Los Angeles.

We have no idea why she would need to be in Cali, other than to cause Victoria Beckham to have a hernia.

Gossip is that she’s in town to discuss a new reality TV program, but regardless of the reason, we would bet our GHDs that the tension at the Beckham breakfast table would be, well, tense.  With a side of icy rage, hold the brown sauce.

Link: Beckham’s Alleged Nookie Nanny Blows Through LA

Elen Rives: Environmentally Friendly


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Some women change their hairstyles, others take a key and drag it along the side of their man’s motor. The choices for taking your anger out on a cheating spouse are numerous and limited only by imagination.

Elen Rives, mum of two and fianceĆ© to Frank Lampard, has apparently found a strategy she uses for dealing with his ‘away’ play: she gives all her designer gear to the local charity shops in Chelsea. She’s doing her part for the environment, and throwing a strop at the same time. It’s multi-tasking, it’s bitter and it’s green.