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The Doghouse: Frank Lampard


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So Frank Lampard is in the doghouse. Sort of.

After Frank was caught out in Vegas with some random slag/bint/hoochie, his fiancee, Elen Rives initially looked like a walk over.  She took off her engagement ring, but didn’t throw him out.  She said she was going to change the locks, but we’re quite sure it didn’t happen. 

We still don’t feel there was any real evidence of the seething, venomous rage or just-had-a-baby-you-jackass hormones that should have unleashed a torrent of hellfire on Frank’s cheating self.

That said, it would appear Ms. Rives is playing her cards with a ringless, yet stealth hand. 

She’s ordered Lamps to quit their London diggs in Fulham and head to the country, far away from all the city skanks, and closer to all the country ones. 

Frank loves their home in the city but is bowing to the pressure.  They’ll be moving into a

Exiting the Club: Jamelia


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Pop singer Jamelia will be turning in her WAG membership badge this week.

She’s split up with long-term boyfriend and baby daddy, Darren Byfield.  The Millwall midfielder was rumoured to have cheated on her at the start of the year, and even though Jamelia swore she believed in his innocence, the relationship has never been the same.

Miss J has moved out of their lush house in Kent and headed back to Birmingham to stay with family.

The model Darren was accused of getting it on with, Jaclyn Evans, told the tabloids they had a month long affair.  She said Darren told her that Jamelia was “a controlling diva” always talking about marriage.

Hang on – men don’t like controlling divas who are obsessed with marriage?  We must have missed this memo. 

It’s a shame to lose the fiesty Jamelia from the WAG club – remember when she took on Alex Curran and called her a leech with no life of her own? Good times.

Link: Jamelia Splits With Fella

The Infidelity Files: Garry O’Connor



He’s young, he’s rich and he’s dumb.

Usually the way we like ‘em, but in the case of Garry O’Connor and his booze-fest of prostitutes, merriment and prostitutional merriness, we’re not really down with his bg.

Story has it that the newly signed Birmingham City striker had a liason with four hookers a few nights before his team’s Premiership debut against Chelsea on Saturday.  Mr. O was first spotted with a mate hitting up the local massage parlour to pick up the girls. 

Pause for thought: isn’t that a tad idiotic? Can’t you pay for a freakin’ cab?  You make something like £2.7 million and you have to go collect the ‘talent’ yourself? That was your first mistake, sweetheart.

Second mistake: you’re not cute.

Third mistake: your hair style.

Exclusive: Gemma Atkinson Dating Marcus Bent? -Updated


You read it here first, Kickettes.

Last Sunday Gemma Atkinson and Marcus Bent were spotted together at Chessington’s World of Adventures.

They were “definitely together” but “not completely all over each other”, says our insider spy.  The two also spent time taking lots of photos of each other and asking passersby to take the odd pic of them as well.

Let’s check into the background here for a ‘mo:

Gemma Atkinson is supposed to be dating Cristiano Ronaldo.  We recently reported the rumours that she had an affair with Cristiano’s (now former) team-mate, Alan Smith.  Would anyone care to hazard a guess at what the hell she is doing going on roller coasters and fun festivities with Marcus Bent?

Lest we forget, Marcus Bent is supposed to be dating Danielle Lloyd.  They vacationed together.  He (allegedly) cheated on her when she was in the hospital.  They broke up. She took him back.  And so on. 

This new incestuous web of WAG wannabee behaviour is seriously starting to freak us out.  Are we really at the point when we need to be overlapping on ballers? Aren’t there enough to go around?  Even if Marcus and Danielle are split up, what the hell is Gemma Atkinson doing?  Even if she has split with C-Ron, isn’t this a little…you know?

Not that this has anything to do with us, but we might have to formally request an intervention by the FA immediately.  The reputation of the hard working WAGs committed to shopping and hanging on until they receive their cash prize (looking at you Toni Poole and Elen Rives) depends on it.

photo: elite clubbing
imageHere’s a recent pic of Gemma and Marcus out clubbing. Actual photos of them doing the nasty have yet to surface.

As for the Gemma/Cristiano are they-aren’t they, it’s looking like Gemma and Cristiano had in fact split before she hooked up with Marcus – after banging on about C-Ron on her official site, she has publicly admitted that the relationship is on no ‘mo.  Check out the wannabe WAG at T4 on the Beach making the admission (briefly and quickly, note).  Cheers Michaela!

The Infidelity Files: Jermain Defoe


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We’re not sure if anyone actually cares about this, so we’ll keep it short.

-Tottenham’s Jermain Defoe and Charlotte Meares got engaged earlier this year.
-She bought a £200,000 Pedini kitchen for their home.
-It would appear he’s a cheating man-ho.