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WAG Watch: Danielle Lloyd Gets Played



In another life, our favourite resident skank / former girl-crush Danielle Lloyd must have done something real, real bad… like buy discount shoes or wear a dog fur coat, because things are on the non-stop down stroke for her personal life lately.

After Danielle’s love affair with Teddy Sheringham went to pot and she started dating Charlton’s Marcus Bent, we all hoped she would stay out of the tabloids for a tad longer than 5 minutes.  Such moments of joy were not to be.

Danielle’s been played out.  By a man with the last name of Bent.

The Bent did his doggery whilst Danielle was in hospital to have a suspicious lump removed from her breast. Sources have not confirmed if this suspicious lump was actually Teddy Sheringham. During Dani’s hospital stay, Marcus was hooking up with Kirsty Fisher, an air hostess who ended up giving Marcus an ultimatum to choose between her or Danielle.  It’s all class when you’re the mistress to a man who has a girlfriend in the hospital.

Danielle has since sworn off footballers, saying: “I’m obviously very disappointed with him and it’s gutting. Boys will be boys and footballers are the worst boys of all. I guess now it’s definitely no more footballers for me.“

Link: Dani Gives Footy Boys the Boot
Link: Bent Does The Dirty

Split: Nicola T and Bobby Zamora



Suffering from the curse that is the WAGs Boutique relationship destructor of programming hell, Nicola T and Bobby Zamora have split after a two year love-in. 

This follows Stewart Downing and Michaela Henderson-Tynne and Cassie Sumner and Michael Essien, all of whom have hit the wall since the show aired.  The program is actually damaging to relationships, people.

After hearing rumours that Bobby was cheating on her, tabloids are reporting that Nicola instigated the dumping.  It was only a week ago that she was blathering on in OK! magazine about how great their relationship was.  Quotes of interest? Bobby insisting Nicola didn’t have anything to worry about when asked about other women and Nicola saying marriage was on the cards for the two.

Friends of Bobby insist they have split over typical relationship issues like not spending much time together, not because Bobby was up to no good.

Dwight Yorke: Baby Mama Drama

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Sunderland’s Dwight Yorke is living in a world of baby mama drama and it’s getting overpopulated.

After a well-publicised fall out with glamour model Jordan, with whom he shares a son, Harvey, Dwight is now in the midst of a truly icky situation with his current girlfriend, Naomi Smith.

His current pregnant girlfriend Naomi Smith, who has just been rumbled as having a three-year affair with an assistant pro-golfer named Darren Sorrell.

To rub a little salt into the wound, it looks like Dwight has been signing the cheques for the two lovebirds.  A friend close to the couple said “He [Darren] loved the lifestyle he had by being with her. The clothes, posh restaurants. All of which are funded by Dwight.”

Naomi apparently had a stylish apartment she used to shack up with Darren, paid for by Dwight’s cash.  She also bought her bit-on-the side a car and took him on vacations.


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The Bored Files: Tomas Rosicky

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It’s a slow news day and everyone is either annoying us or is very unattractive.

For example:

We’ve always been believers in the Deny To Infinity methodology for infidelity, meaning: if you get caught, deny until the day you die.  Deny to the point of actually believing your own denial, thus making it much more authentic.  However, there are certain cases where our strategy may not be successful.

Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky has been cold busted partying with half a dozen prostitutes by his girlfriend, Czech model Radka Kocurova.  Apparently she has seen photographic evidence of this over-populated incident.

We would tell you more about this story, but as we said above: unattractive/annoying. If you want to see what Tomas looks like, Google him, cuz we sure as hell aren’t gonna do it.

Link: Rosicky Girl Hooker Party Rage

Beck Talk: The Spider has the Eagle in her Web


imageAndy Bernal, one of the SPX management company employees during the David Beckham / Rebecca Loos scandal of ‘03 has the type of insider information we would kill for.

A part of the well-oiled Beckham machine from the minute David arrived in Madrid, Bernal (a former professional soccer player himself) says it didn’t take long for professional relationships to get a little messy between Becks and SPX rep Rebecca. 

Picture the scene:  the company has to set up makeshift headquarters at Rebecca’s father’s house.  David’s wife is shopping in London while the transition happens. Oh, and she’s also making records with Damon Dash in NYC with the hopes of an American re-launch. David is acclimatising to the Spanish lifestyle by chilling out on a sun lounger.  Rebecca is poolside in a bikini.  Bernal is in the background trying to get the internet to work. 

Quick question: ladies, would you be cool with your man “working” with this woman?  Isn’t that like taking a job at a cake shop when you’re on a diet? Just askin’.

Right, so as we all know, one night David and Rebecca are busted together at a nightclub.  Grainy photos do the rounds.  Becks’ peeps say it was a company night out, no biggie.  Bernal agrees, but adds that at the end of the evening, David and Rebecca sped off separately from the group in a car driven by bodyguard Delfin Fernandez. 

Later, Fernandez radioed to Bernal on the two-way: “The spider has the eagle in her web.“

Of course when the text messages and Rebecca’s tell-all tabloid confession came out, Victoria quickly fired the crap out of everyone on the SPX team.  She told Bernal:  “Andy, we all have mortgages to pay… We’ve all got to do what we’ve all got to do.“

imageWonder what she told Rebecca, huh?  Something like, “Beeyatch, you’re skank ass is toast!“ but perhaps not sounding quite so gangsta.

Anyone remember that after the (alleged) affair story broke, David’s official line was that the claims were “ludicrous”?  Not actually false, mind you.  Maybe he meant Ludacris – he’s always loved his rappers, our David.

Other random notes of interest: David keeps pet terrapins (turtles).

The interesting bit of this story is the very obvious exclusion from the British media.  Strange, no? These are the people who report with great fervour when Victoria buys a handbag.  In fact, a little tipster-birdie told us the tabloids did approach Bernal with a big money offer but he turned it down, scared of being misrepresented. Plans for a book were similarly shelved because most UK publishers were too scared of the Beckham’s suing them and their children’s children until the end of time.

Nothing like some good new/old news to start the day off right.  Turtles, bikinis and spiders, oh my.

Link: At the Becks And Call of Posh & Dave

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