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Baby Daddy: Stewart Downing


Stewart Downing is a baby daddy and he didn’t even know it.

Neither did his recent ex, Michaela Henderson-Thynne, who he was seriously dating at the time of the baby girl’s conception. 

Downing discovered he was a dad when Donna Moloney, a nursery boss, headed to his parents’ house and presented la sprog of their son’s loins in true soap opera style.

A “friend”  of Michaela’s told the Sun newspaper that Michaela is beyond distraught at the news that Stewart not only cheated on her during their four year relationship, but that the junk in his trunk is baby-making capable.

imageWhat we want to know is, did Mr. D know all along and keep it on the low, or is this the first time he’s finding out about the baby?  Not sure about you, Kickettes, but if you were pregnant and watching yourself turn into a gigantic whale without a man around to complain to about it, wouldn’t you be making a few phone calls?

Or not, perhaps we’ve said too much.

Downing’s agent refuses to comment at this stage. 

Link: Baby Shock for World Cup Star

the infidelity files: zinedine zidane?

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Oh, the Zizou: he of little hair but of infinite fineness. What has he been getting up to?

Allegations, chit chat and nudge-nudge-wink-winks are flying around cyberspace about Mr. Zidane’s possible relationship with the soul singer Nadiya.

Nope, we’ve never heard of her either.

But she does happen to fall into the super-gorge category, though.

The two apparently got busted by magazine Voici coming out of a Paris apartment within minutes of each other – Z was “in disguise”.

So that’s a little shady. Or perhaps, they just share a manicurist.

We’re on the case & trying to dig up what we can, but getting information on this one isn’t proving easy. The French have some messed up laws about people’s private lives remaining private, so media info has been limited. And guess what? In France, they speak French. We do not. But we’re working on that too.

Nadiya has vehemently denied the allegations, (of course), but many in the bg say there’s no smoke without fire. Talk is, she’s not the first.

Part of Zidane’s charm has been his doting husband/father angle, so if anything comes out further on this it would be a huge, huge story. Imagine if someone like David Beckham was caught out having an affair with … oh, wait a minute.

Link: Zidane, The Pop Star And Rumours
Link: Nadiya’s Official Website

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WAG watch: Daria Zhukova

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It’s nice when true love stands the test of time, ain’t it?

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and bit-on-the-side Daria Zhukova are splitsville.

Russian newspapers are reporting that “Dasha” has been crying to her friends and telling them that her glory days as Mistress To All That Is Filthy Stinking Rich are over.

It will be interesting to see if wife Irina will back off with her alleged divorce plans – Roms is denying the claims that she’s been visiting lawyers.

We’re much more interested in placing bets on who socialite Dasha ends up with next. Our money is on someone rich.

Or old and rich.

But definitely rich.

We mentioned the richness, yes?

Send in the Accountants: Roman Abramovich


Oh, Lord help he who scorns a footy wife.

May he be doomed to a life of squalid dwellings consisting of only 6 bedrooms, and forced to pay his ex-wife monthly expenses that could sustain the economy of several third world countries.

Soccer gazillionaire and non-hottie Roman Abramovich looks to be facing the biggest divorce settlement in history when his wife Irina finishes taking his jet-setting so-rich-it-hurts-our-brain, ass to the cleaners.

A week ago, reports started surfacing in the tabloids about Rom’s extramartial gallavanting. His inability to secure a gag order with the press has resulted in all the dirty Gucci linen being hung out to dry. Wife Irina is Pissed.

And for good reason – she’s had five of this dude’s kids, suffered through God knows how many dinner conversations where Rom tries to explain the offside rule, and now he’s running her previously unknown name through the mud? He must be punished.

We’re talking about mountains of cash, yachts, mansions, cars. One of his boats is bulletproof and has its own submarine. He has a

the WTF files: stan collymore

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So, he’s a nude beach loving, parked car booty call having, woman beating kind of guy (who’s lost his looks) and now he’s decided to bring back his career by openly declaring his wish to return to the Premier League.

Actually, change “wish” to “desperate wish”.

Undaunted by his age and/or mental issues, Stan is training his butt off harder than Rocky Balboa before a title fight.

His agent, Simon Kennedy was quoted as saying: “During his time at Villa, he was in the worst mental state of his career. The time Stan spent at Villa was a massive disappointment to him. He would love the chance to go back and set the record straight.“

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