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Gerard Pique & Shakira: Over Already?


This post may or may not serve our hidden flogging-your-computer-with-gratuitous-Pique-pics agenda. Image taken 19.09.2011 at the Joan Mas concert.

Kickettes, before we begin, it’s in your best interest to take this news with a grain of salt and shot of tequila.

Patron Silver chilled is our ace in the hole, just in case you’re in the market for a more specific suggestion.


Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


sport Bundesliga national team WAG wife

Not just Germany’s most popular WAG, she may just be their most popular female celebrity. Respect Claudia Lahm, Kickettes. Image taken July 2010. Image Credit: REUTERS/Michaela Rehle.


- Possibly unscientifically-proven German search engine research found that Philipp Lahm’s wife, Claudia, was the most sought after woman on their ‘celebrity barometer’, based on the number of news stories she was featured in. Report runners-up were Anna-Maria Lagerblom (ex of Mesut Ozil) and Monika Podolski (wife of Lukas).

-Neymar took faux hawks to a whole ‘nother, epic level this weekend.

Cheers to EC for the hair raising discovery. Image Credit: JEFFERSON BERNARDES/AFP/Getty Images.

- Rafael and Sylvie van der Vaart proved their power couple perfection yet again. We’ll never grow tired of these two even though their standard of living will never be within our means.

- A suavely-coiffed Xavi attended the Catalunya GP this weekend, and some sources have reported that Ducati driver, Valentino Rossi, knelt down in front of Xavi and kissed his feet. (Sidenote: Bigfoot was also there.)


Injunction Issues: Ryan Giggs Is Outed


super injuncted footballer Manchester

Almost a whole year before Man City’s Yaya Touré fell victim, the dongle sign struck Ryan Giggs. Or is it the other way around?

Scotland’s Sunday Herald made a bold joke of one government enforced gag order over the weekend when it splashed an easily identifiable picture profile of the footballer at the centre of the EPL’s latest injunction scandal. Editor Richard Walker explained his decision to showcase one particular Manchester United icon’s barely-censored face by claiming he wished to expose ‘the lunacy of the situation’ (as opposed to  boosting newsstand sales of his Sunday paper, as naysayers are arguing). He continued by stating the obvious: ‘The law is not keeping up with with the way we live today.’

Coincidentally, earlier this morning the British tabloid, The Sun, tried but failed to overturn its own injunction which prevent the daily paper from printing details about the aforementioned footballer’s trysts with Imogen Thomas. Well, thanks to a loose-lipped Member of Parliament (or several, if you’re counting), we now know that the ‘love rat’ at the centre of a cheating scandal involving the reality telly ‘star’ is Ryan Giggs.

Since we chose to miss the boat(s) on speculating about this sensationally sordid situ, we can now confirm the following Tru Fax:


Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Seattle’s Fredy Montero post-surgery Twitpic. Go Sounders indeed.

T’was a looong week last week, Kickettes, so forgive our ill-fated attempts at keeping a semi-professional/regular schedule. Fortunately, as we flooded our insides with in-flight alcohol, we found some superb shots of a CR JR being craddled by his papa.

Let us begin.


- In case you missed the news like we did, Nagore Aramburu was declared the ‘Most Beautiful Face’ in Spain by the country’s edition of GLAMOUR magazine. Her hot hubby was more than happy to accompany his wife to last week’s ceremony.

Image: Glamour.es. Thnx RF!

- Christian Chivu, 30-years-old, announced his retirement from Romanian international football; he blamed ‘age and surgery’ as reasons for his dwindling competitive streak.

- What kind of dirt does Cesc Fabregas have on Jack Wilshere?! Whatever the secret is, Wilshere promises it will be one for the ladies if he’s ever exposed. We think Cesc should open Jack’s can of worms; you?


Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


VB fashion soccer WAG babySaturday

- Victoria Beckham got teepeed at her baby shower around the same time as news about her husband and son, Brookyn, walking away unharmed from their LA freeway car crash broke. She’s got her lucky stars to thank for her family’s safety and for Gisele Bündchen wearing one of her dresses.

- Chelsea’s Didier Drogba is set to marry Lalla Diakite – again. Although 33-year-old Chelsea man first wed his Malian sweetheart in a small ceremony nearly a decade ago, it was said to be a small understated affair. Now that Drogba has the cash to splash in the South of France, he’s giving his lady a proper party. No word on if he’s hiring a band or if he’ll be the evening’s only entertainment.

- A pack of pretty ladies from a Brazilian TV show were sent to a Santos’ press conference to distract one of the club’s stars, Neymar.

- US-backing Kickettes, KickStarter (a financial fundraising platform) is calling for your dollars to help produce Rise and Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story.