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‘Baller Soap Operas: Landon Donovan, USA


Just a day after his team was dismissed by Ghana from the World Cup, American Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated has reported that a British tabloid had plans to feature a rather juicy story. Apparently a woman is claiming to be pregnant with Donovan’s child. Landy has exclusively addressed said “imminent” story by saying he would assume responsibility if the child were his, but did not divulge any other details.

Let’s rewind a few hours previous, when Donovan was blowing kisses to his wife, Bianca Kajlich.

(So what if they have been legally separated for a year now? Why would LD’s lovechild be that saucy of a story?) (And how could that be bigger news that his use of propecia?)

Perhaps, it’s a big story because, Kajlich and Donovan were working on saving their marriage. How, then, did the former L.A. Galaxy captain get to this point?


WAG Watch: Wear Cheryl Tweedy’s Face


In case you can’t get enough of her Girls Aloud eyelashes, or L’Oreal hair styilng products (for her extensions, which are coming back to the telly),  now you can wear Cheryl’s face as well!

‘Tis a tad “can you hear the lambs screaming, Clarice”, no?

While the gossip is about fellow X Factor judge, Simon Cowell, asking contestants to call Cheryl Cole her maiden name – Tweedy – we’re more intent with understanding the need for white-eyed paper faces.


Cheryl Cole: One Seven-Figure Step At A Time


Ashley Cole ex-wife

Image via Celebrity-Gossip.net/Flynet.

Since we’ve been rather consumed with debating the accuracy of these Cheryl Cole love-making/piss off, would ya?! faces, we almost missed the opportunity to offer our divorce payout congratulations. She’ll reportedly receive a $6.8 million settlement once her marriage to Ashley Cole is dissolved sometime this August.

Good news, yes? It means Cheryl can finally afford to ditch the velvet trousers and hire man servants to carry her around. In your face, wobbling down Parisian hotel steps!

PS – did you RSVP to her divorce party yet?

‘Baller Soap Operas: Ricardo Quaresma and Catia Costa


Our interest level in Ricardo Quaresma waxes and wanes much like the moon. (And our interest in H&M collaborations.)

Once the subject of a Would You? reader debate, Ricky dropped off our radar shortly afterwards. But now that transfer gossip abounds of a possible move from Inter Milan to Turkish side Besiktas, the potential hook-up with Matteo Ferrari has convinced us to sorta-care.

Know this: Quaresma, the man who’s never met a logo he didn’t love, has surreptitiously dumped his supposed long-term girlfriend weeks after she birthed his baby. Apparently, he’s left her – without money, no less – and is denying paternity of the daughter he once claimed as his.

What on earth happened?

Let’s just say it went something like a really smashing epi of EastEnders. We’re here to recap it for the DVR-less few among you.

- As recent as last November, Quaresma, 26, and his 24-year-old girlfriend, Catia Costa, were jumping for double joy at the thought of an upcoming stork delivery and their impending nuptials. While the beginning of their relationship was said to be “unstable”, Quaresma wanted to “man up” and make himself a blingtastically acessorized family.


QOTD: Gigi Buffon On His Family


“I’ve been called gay, a facist; I’ve read how my relationship is in tatters, I’ve been called a loser, I can deal with all that. But mess with my family and we’ve got a problem.”

–Gigi Buffon after he, teammate Amauri and wifey Alena ambushed the reporter who started the love triangle lies.

Note: Score another point for our fantastic readers, who alerted us to the truth of the trio’s supposed tryst.