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AC Milan: Suited Style-Off


Pato celebrating Berlusconi's 25 years

Image: AP Photo/Antonio Calanni.

We’re slaves to a good suit parade, Kickettes, and today’s clash of the stylish vs. style-less is courtesy of AC Milan’s 25th anniversary celebration of Silvio Berlusconi’s regime.

As you can see, Pato can barely contain his delight (that, or he’s just feeling mucho awkward standing next to a life size poster board of his potential flame’s father).


The Sizzle Query: David Luiz, Chelsea FC


Chelsea’s hot new signing? (Image: Getty Images/Zimbio)

Bearing in mind that he’s currently the most expensive player  in the history of English football, it’s not really surprising that Fernando Torres’ signing for Chelsea on transfer deadline day was big news. So big, in fact, that Chelsea’s other last minute signing, Benfica defender David Luiz, went largely unnoticed.


The St David’s Day Sizzle Query: Welsh Wuvverlies


Ched Evans, Aaron Ramsey & Christian Ribeiro. We’re planning a trip to the valleys. Like now. We’ve got one seat left…any takers? Image: Wikipedia.

Sadly, we’ve decided to eschew the more traditional methods of celebrating St David’s Day because we lack the panache needed to trick ourselves out in daffodils and/or leeks like the Welsh Tourist Board advises. Also working against us: the greengrocer closed upon our arrival and we can’t be bothered to walk to the supermarket.

So we’ve opted to mark the occasion by making you do some work. Again. Please examine the selection of players yours truly has supplied in a photo format, then share your favourite Welsh born Wuvverly with us. You can even tell us why, if you so desire.


Cesc Fabregas’ Image Issues: Beard Or No Beard?


Arsenal captain facial hair question

Images: Getty Images.

Hearing how Arsenal captain/Finest Five member, Cesc Fabregas suddenly found himself in facial hair distress earlier today was all shades of traumatic for our office. For one unfortunate staffer, the decision making panic came on abruptly and forcefully, and she failed to keep the agonising memory of motherly desertion outside a Harrod’s dressing room pent up in her mental chambers.

For the most part, her pangs of torment can be attributed to the fact that after hours of trying on an array of gorgeous garments, she eventually had to put her purchases on hold in order to locate said parental unit. Once the pair reunited and returned to the sales counter, all her items had vanished into another thin girl’s bag, and she had no choice but to sulk off into the sunset empty-handed.

Damaging stuff, we tell you.


Joe Hart: Clubbing Cutie


Remember when the domestic season was over, the World Cup was won and we woke from a celebratory stupor, still sticky from spilled buckets of sangria, to realise there was no football for like, a month?

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the time, but because we’re never ones to be beaten by something as minor as our entire raison d’etre going AWOL, the Kickette HQ embraced the problem. We ventured forth into unknown territories and brought you the scoop on other sports you could check out until our beloved boys returned to the training field.

We are so good to you.