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Would You? Alvaro Morata, Real Madrid


Oh, come on. Seriously? Who took Bambi away from his mother? (Image via tumblr)

It really is time, Kickettes. We were only lazily threatening to move to Cougar Town/Pumaville/Lioness Manor/Cat Corner after images of young Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez emerged. As we all know, after several cupcakes, an ill-advised outing to a club and protracted negotiations with an officer of the law we felt we had re-established our ‘bishes about town’ status.


Roque Santa Cruz: Singing Sensation or Vocal Vulture?


YouTube Preview Image

Is hearing Manchester City’s Santa Cruz sing music to your adoring ears, or is he making your ears burn like nails on a chalkboard? As seen on The Spoiler.

The Sizzle Query: How Do You Like Your Iker?


Image: Vogue.es.

Simple Q&A as a fun exercise for our enthusiastic, extroverted bunch of footy aficionados: which state of undress suits Casillas best?

A) Shirtless, because an Iker hip dip sighting of this caliber is rarer than seeing Halley’s Comet

Real Madrid Spain keeperB) Sans bottoms, which helps speed up the front-door-to-bedroom-door timing and execution

C) Unsure, because the thought of Sara Carbonero’s freshly-cut bangs sharing sink and mirror space with the aforementioned man once they move in together has sent your brain into a downward spiral and you’re unable to make an accurate judgment at this time.

The Sizzle Query: Tobias v Bastian Schweinsteiger


Well, now isn’t this a bit of a dilemma, Kickettes? After careful examination of the above photograph, we have reached the controversial conclusion that we possibly might find Tobias Schweinsteiger (left), brother of Bayern Munich babe Bastian (right), marginally hotter than his sibling.

Let’s discuss.


Suited Style-Off: Cristiano Ronaldo v Kaka v Iker Casillas


Cristiano Ronaldo is working the I match my trainers to my tight undershirt because I’m buff like that. Also I like velvet look. Kaka’s got the open-shirted, chillaxed ensemble down pat. And as usual, our long-time love Iker Casillas is working the please would someone just help the man get fitted properly or some therapy as surely he has body dysmorphia and thinks he’s 6 sizes larger than he actually is grey suit.

Who gets your vote for the best suited up look on this occasion Kickettes?