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Nicklas Bendtner & Other Tattooed ‘Ballers: Think Before You Ink


Image via MSN Starlounge

Long standing Kickettes will recall our previous query on the whole tattoo/’baller interface thing. Apart from frightening us to death with your articulate and knowledgeable responses on the subject (bearing in mind that we write the majority of these posts whilst in glass-to-mouth mode) you seemed to concur with our thoughts – a little ink is a marvelous thing for self-expression, as long as one doesn’t get too carried away. For those that go overboard, well…they just look like tools.

Which leads us nicely to the rather amusing/unfortunate trend: Players and their laydeez declaring underlying love to one another by scratching each other’s names into skin after three dates that just.won’t.quit.

Nicky Bendtner & Caroline Fleming are the latest to fall into this trap, as seen on her left wrist above. In return, Bendtner has scrawled ‘Caroline’ on his right wrist.

If this isn’t the kiss of death for a relationship, then we don’t know what is. (Other than shopping for duvet covers.)

We have concerns in other areas too. Fernando? We love you to death but baby, you’re so young. And Cheryl? Actually, we might leave you alone. You’ve got enough problems.

Think we’re being a bit harsh? Then buckle up. Another self-expression exploration is ’bout to get underway and the permanent results aren’t always pretty. READ MORE

Champions League Style-Off: Which Manager is Worthy of Your Style Snaps?


Dear readers, the battle of the Titans is upon us. No, not Inter v. Barca or even Bayern v. Lyon,  but something much more important than that.

We’re talking about the fashion face-off that’s about to go down on the pitch perimeters. Tonight, two of the best looking managers in football, Pep Guardiola (Barcelona) and José “The Special One” Mourinho (Inter Milan), are going head-to-head in the style stakes.

Le sigh. What is it about these two? Their yelling, pacing and mad scientist gesturing whilst in designer gear is like a mating call for the modern footy woman.

So, let’s get down to judging. We’ve got a few criteria to take into consideration:


George Elokobi and Kevin Doyle: Who Wore Nothing Best?


What a lovely Monday present the Wolverhampton Wanderers have generously given us. First-teamers George Elokobi and Kevin Doyle have dropped trou in support of the Everyman charity – the UK’s leading prostate and testicular cancer campaign.

While sickness is definitely icky, nudity is definitely not. Who gets your vote for best in the buff with a prop: George and his ball or Kevin and his shawl? Or do you prefer footy state of undress less…obvious, and in more of a shorts-riding-up-accidentally sort of way?

FYI – Harvey Nichols has also teamed with Everyman to stage a Fashion Show on April 7th at the Molineux. Proceeds from tickets and raffles will benefit the charity. No word if the guys will be nekkid there, too, but we urge them to consider it.

Source: Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Official Club Site
More Information: Everyman-campaign.org

Thanks Helen!

Would You: Marouane Chamakh, Bordeaux


Just hear us out, Kickettes.

In the competitive world of the Wagabee, the tiniest margin can be the difference between success and abject failure.

A key plan of attack is identification of target before anyone else. This means the ability to see through any potential physical flaws of a player to the scrumptious loveliness that may lie underneath.

Case in point: Mr. Marouane Chamakh. Currently playing up front for Bordeaux, this boy has already attracted the eye of one Arsene Wenger and in all likelihood will become big news in the coming months. Bit of a cutie? Maybe. Gourcuff seems to think so, and he’s good-looking enough for us to value his opinion.

But there’s an elephant in the room.


The Sizzle Query: Pink on the Pitch


Let’s talk footy and fuchsia, shall we?

We approve of Everton’s funky pink and black striped kits, if only because they seemed to have had a thigh-inducing effect on the team Saturday. And we’d definitely be remiss if we didn’t properly thank the Italian National Team for providing us gratiuitous shots of Fabio Cannavaro in a pink practice ensemble.

But pink on the breast plate is just that: pink on the breast plate. If real men wear pink, then what do we call jumping, head-banded men in matching pink shirts and socks?

Let’s consider a few footy moments in rose before we seek your opinion.