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National Team Choices: Yes, No, Maybe So?


The premise of this Sizzle Query is simple, dear readers. Three National team footy players. All offering champagne, grapes and an overnight cuddle sesh. You must divvy out your responses as follows:

1. Submit willingly to one by saying “yes”;

2. Rubber stamp a big ‘ole REJECTED sign on on another, signifying “no”;

3. Ask for a raincheck by regrettably informing them “maybe so/not now but absolutely later babe, pinky swear!”

(Let us pre-empt the inevitable – you’re not allowed to vote “I throw a rope around the trio and group-run like hell to the nearest shower.”)

Just to throw another wrench your way, we didn’t necessarily select the most obvious choices of man candy.  To play fairly, we decided to give some of the other NT members  the spotlight for a change. “Some” being the operative word.

That being said, hypothetical circumstances are irrelevant. You must choose and there’s no other way about it. Keep in mind that while we’ve included our own thoughts, You.Must.Choose. Since we are co-conspirators of the original version of this game, we just supercede the rules.

This should be good.


Track Jacket Style-Off: Cristiano v. Kaka


Let’s keep this one simple as today’s pretty much a write-off, what with the day jobs and the pre-WC game drinking and what not:

Who wore the World-Cup-track-jacket-on-a-stool-with-a-smile better: Cristiano for Nike or Kaka for Adidas?

Tottenham FC: Date Night Style-Off At Nobu


Jermaine Jenas and Aaron Lennon took their gals out for dinner at Nobu in Mayfair recently.

Which couple do you think deserves the style points?


Player Ratings: When Science Makes Sense


Think of science and what springs to mind?

Hey, wake up, we’re not done yet. We think that the science-folk out there might just have discovered their inner cool.

*sounds boat horn* Please. Attention. Come back and sit down.

Let us explain: We’ve got a sneaky suspicion that the folks down at New Scientist have been following us on Twitter. Their latest foray into male forensics has Kickette written all over it: rating footballers’ levels of attractiveness. Our ears have pricked up – have yours?

After some meticulous research, which involved showing participants pictures of sportsmen and having them pass judgment on their looks (why were we not invited?), New Scientist proposed the theory that the best athletes tend to be the best-looking ones.


Manchester United: Dressing Room Delights


Image via The Mirror

1. Why is Wes Brown sucking his finger and looking longingly at Michael Carrick?
2. Patrice Evra’s junk. We can see it.

Nothing more to add, really, except that dressing room photos filled with happy, champagne-fueled footballers taking their clothes off make life worth living.

In fact, they don’t even need champagne. It’s more about the not wearing clothes part. See: Chelsea.

Link: More nekkid Man Utd dressing room photos at The Mirror.

This would be the time to spam the comments with your favourite dressing room photos, Kickettes. We know there are some classics out there. (You can’t post images directly in the comments, but typing a straight link to an image will work.)

Thanks L!