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Crowned: The Five Sexiest Spanish Footballers


Iker Casillas for GQ EspanaA few weeks ago, Don Balon named their top five hottest Spaniards – an effort we wholeheartedly support.

Votes were cast by female journalists and other members of sport media, and the winner’s list is to be expected:

nummy with a side of hotsauce.

Iker Casillas took their top spot as “superguapo”; the other selects are included after the jump for your perusal.

Our choices for an all Spanish F5 won’t come as much of a surprise for long-time readers.

We’d go for Iker Casillas, Aitor Ocio, Cesc Fabregas, Miguel Torres and Xabi Alonso, with Nando as our runner up in case any of the boys couldn’t fulfill their duties.

You know we have to ask: Who would be in your Finest Five Sexiest Spanish Players list?


Best in Shorts: John Terry v Joe Cole


John TerryJoe Cole

Yeah, that’s right: we’re posting short-tents of professional footy players and asking you to pick a winner. It’s what we do.

John Terry is a regular for these types of situations; let’s all give him two snaps for that. As for Mr. Cole, it’s nice to see him back on the pitch and (quite obviously) in full working order.

Click, zoom and contemplate. Then tell us who gets your vote for the best in shorts today.

Nemanja Vidic: Red Card Hot


Nemanja you hot angry intense tackling piece of man treat.

Real talk 1: if this is the intense face Nemanja has when walking onto the pitch holding an innocent child’s little hand, can you even imagine his other faces? Ahem.

Real talk 2: the hottest robot to play in the Premier League is now the most booked defender in the Premier League.

We’re not interested in analyzing nor debating why /how. We just know that we like it. Not to say we don’t want to see him on the pitch – we certainly¬†require visuals like these to keep us mentally balanced. But – you know what we mean, yes?

What about you? Does a footballer with a temper and a penchant for blood, guts and macho do it for you? Or do you prefer ‘em a little milder around the edges?

Man Utd: They Give Good Wrinkle


Mikey... you look concerned, bbMikey... what did you just do?

One thing we’ve learned about our readers: they are highly attuned to the various body parts (and body-part behaviour) of their favourite players. Whether it’s the freckle-counters, the hand-obsessed or the hair-watchers, there is something out there for every footy fan.

We’re quite partial to forehead wrinkles and luckily for us, ‘ballers and botox just don’t go together.


The Sizzle Query: What’s Your Deal Breaker?


Jose Mourinho

We’re going to use Inter manager and quality silver fox Jose Mourinho as our case study for today’s Sizzle Query.

Here he is as usual, dapper and stylish, all swarthy and salt & pepper, with a bank balance to make your black AmEx sing daily through the halls of Selfridges.