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Cesc Fabregas: What a Difference a Shave Makes


Cesc FabregasCesc and co.
Twenty-four hours ago, Cesc Fabregas was dealing with a severe case of bedhead and day-beard. Not so for his evening out at Boujis after Arsenal’s CL win – where he obviously went for the clean-shaven look.

Cesc-appreciators: which do you prefer? We like our former F5er a little rough around the edges, so we’re voting bedhead.

High Street Strut: Frank Lampard v Robbie Savage


Frank LampardRobbie Savage

It’s a fact of life: footballers, mobile phones and denim belong together. They’re like champagne and strawberries. Vodka and soda. Martinis and olives. Baileys and breakfast.

Is it drinking time yet?

Sorry, what were we on about? Oh yes, footy players and their favourite uniforms. Which high street strut do you prefer:

Chelsea’s Frank Lampard on the Kings Road this weekend (after popping into the Bluebird cafe) or Derby County’s Robbie Savage out and about in Wilmslow earlier this month?

Would you: Kyle Beckerman, Real Salt Lake


Kyle Beckerman and his booty popKyle Beckerman is a 27-year-old American midfielder in the MLS with Real Salt Lake.

Wait. We know. His hair. Just hear us out, okay?


Hot or Not? The Boys on the Bench


Hottie or Nottie?

Our Finest Five number 3 Miguel Torres is now a Burger King boy (we’re sure you know about his pre-season switch to Getafe that will -hopefully- net him some pitch time.)

We’ll admit that we were perfectly content watching our boy and his robust rump ride the Real Madrid bench for many a match and were far more upset by the fact that he has never showed any interest in sharing his Whopper Junior with us. Sadface.

We’d like to think we can appreciate a man’s high heat index whether he’s an all-star hotshot or an 89th minute substitute. However, we’re way more superficial than that. Try to act surprised.


Well Suited: Bayern Munich


Bayern Munich

Check out the Bayern boys and their new Hugo Boss threads. Very posh.

Who do you think is rocking the suit best? We gotta give it to our favourite goof-ball Luca Toni, but think Mario Gomez is looking rather dapper too.