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Style-Off: Milano Managers


Jose Mourinho and Leonardo

Jose and Leonardo. The one-namers we know and love went head-to-head in a tense fash-clash over the weekend. Inter took home the points, but who won on the sidelines?

Let’s pay homage to the Italian fashion capital currently under split ownership and reflect on what was good, what when wrong and why it may be time to pencil in a salon visit.


Headbands on Footballers: Hot or Not?


Niko Kranjcar

Logistically, players with long hair need to keep their hair out of their eyes.

We recognize that. But we rarely deal in reality. We’re here to judge. And when it comes to head bands on boys, you’re either a fan or you’re not.

Mini case study: Dimitar Berbatov (Man Utd).

Dimitar Berbatov - Image via GettyAs you know, we love this man. But his headband usage offends us. It doesn’t appear to actually hold any hair back since the hair in question is rather gelled into place. Said headband sits in an unflattering position on his head. It reminds us that he may be experiencing a situation that requires the HairMax comb. READ MORE

Dreamland: Footballers in the Night



Kaka reflects on his narrow escape from our claustrophobic clutches. He looks much more relieved to be free than we would like. Image via AP Photo

Have you ever had a vivid dream about a footy player?

Pshht – of course you have.

We can strike Beckham (x5), Iker (x3) Sergio Ramos (x2) and Fernando Torres (x6) off the list for taking part in the evening adventures of our minds.

The other night, we had a completely unsexy (?) dream that we were stuck in a lift with the entire Real Madrid squad. Our completely ill-advised focus? We were angry that people were stepping on our good shoes. Kaka was at least seven feet tall. And definitely not lost.

We feel like we shared something special with the Brazilian superstar whilst getting elbowed by the unruly Guti. It was bonding via a lack of personal space.


Whilst we search our dream analysis literature, we want to know what footballers you’ve had drop by your subconscious for a visit in the middle of the night? We will require all the gory details.

Style Off: Best in Shades



Real Madrid are enroute to Canada, where they’re scheduled to attend an open practice tonight in Toronto. (Friday they will be taking the pitch in a friendly against Toronto FC.)

We’re most impressed with the newbies giving a nod to Canadian sunglasses master, Corey Hart. Which black pair do you think covers these guys’ roving eyes the best?

Kaka – All black Armani aviators ensure that Caroline is secure. This man loves Jesus and his wife;

Cristiano Ronaldo – rocking his usual iridescent Gucci’s, perfect for face and hair checks (for both himself and his normal bevy of beauties/skankalicious friends); or

Karim Benzema – bucking the backpack-wearing trend in a tinted pair. Note strategy of leaving just enough smoke up top to mask who he’ll be choosing as his lucky lady. For tonight, anyway. Keep ‘em guessing, Benzie.

Full size shots below with added bonus/horror photo (depending on who you support) attached of Xabi in his new travel uni. Also, enjoy Iker Casillas, who won’t masquerade as the guy in shades, oh no. Sorry. We’ll stop. After one (two) more views.

Would You?: AC Milan’s Leonardo



Like wine, cheese and string instruments, former-players-turned-coaches just get better with age.

AC Milan’s newest club manager/lead stylist Leonardo gives us goose bumps (as do the rest of his ilk -see also: Pep G, Roy Keane).

Not much information is available about this 39-year-old Brazilian so let’s just evaluate the most pertinent evidence together, shall we?

Leonardo, once infamous for unleashing his elbow on a poor, unsuspecting American opponent, has a CV that is sure to impress.

His list of accomplishments include chiseled cheekbones constructed with the same precision as his custom-made Italian leather loafers; his style seems both super-slick and modest and effortless at the same time; and he is in possession of a shiny World Cup winner’s medal from ’94.

Since we’re equal opportunists here at Kickette, we’re willing to pardon this sun lover’s forehead wrinkles in favor of his hair’s uncanny ability to defy gravity. Seriously…we dare you to find a single follicle out of order on his head, chest or eyebrows. Let’s just say his coif makes our split ends weep with jealousy. He’s at Puyol level of volume and strand-strength.