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Italian NT: Giraffe v Lion


The Italian National Team took a break from the Confederations Cup action to visit The Lion Park in Randburg, South Africa. 

Question: Which hot man avec random wild animal floats gets your “aww” factor going?

Fabio Cannavaro and a giraffe; or


Image via AP Photo

Gianluca Zambrotta and a lion cub?


Image via AP Photo

Oh, who are we kidding: Fabio Cannavaro wins at everything. We know it. You know it. Animals on the savannah know it. That lion cub is about to walk right over Zambro to get to the sweet gooey insides of Fabio.

Style Off: Samir Nasri v Jamie Carragher


Who works the dark denim with v-neck jumper and trainers look better:


Arsenal’s Samir Nasri, seen exiting Sketch bar after the joint end of season/Manuel Almunia birthday shindig?


Or Jamie Carragher, out on the streets near his Cafe Sports Bar, where Liverpool toasted their season?

Champions League Semis: Under Construction



Let’s hope today’s Arsenal/Manchester United game is a little bit more exciting than the Barcelona/Chelsea nil-nil result last night. 

Perhaps we’ve been spoiled by the recent goal orgies and expected more back of the net action.

While watching, we kept ourselves amused by twitter polling the Kickette army about how to construct the perfect man from different parts of the players at Camp Nou. 

(Our suggestions? Victor Valdes’s face, Thierry Henry’s money, Frank Lampard’s thighs, Florent Malouda’s cheekbones, John Terry’s short-tent, Bojan Krkic’s tongue.)

Yeah, it sort of went a little PG 13, but such is life. 

imageSo, onto today. Let’s take some time out to construct another fantasy man from the line ups. Objectifying professional players and reducing them to body parts is quite calming, and we believe, anti-aging. 

We’re going to start with Dimitar Berbatov’s eyes, Cesc Fabregas’s stubble, Cristiano Ronaldo’s six pack, Theo Walcott’s newly expanded chest and Samir Nasri’s hair.

Just kidding on that last one.

Alternatively, we could just declare Patrice Evra the perfect man already and call it a day.


Style Off: Joe Cole v Wes Brown


Who wears the demin with white trainers look better, Kickettes?


Chelsea’s Joe Cole, having a chat on his mobile on the Kings Road in London; or


Manchester United’s Wes Brown, taking a stroll in Manchester city centre?

Would You: Chris Pontius, D.C. United



image via Getty

imageKickettes, we’ve made a discovery: Chris Pontius, a striker for DC United.

He’s a rookie, brand spanking new to the MLS and he scored his first goal in United’s season opener against the Galaxy last weekend. Sadly, our information on Mr. P is limited. What we know so far: 21-years-old.  6’0” tall. Born and raised in California. Likes giving foot massages and making chocolate chip pancakes.

Yeah, we still haven’t hired that fact checker yet.

Anyhoo, we recommend that you take a minute before starting your Friday celebrations to check out Chris’s endearing newbie TV interview.

We likey. Do you?

Side note: Can someone please ID the hottie at the opening of the video with the water glass?

UPDATE: We got this news via email in on CP: back in high school (Chris went to an all boys Catholic school in Cali), Mr. Pontius was apparently quite the stud muffin.  He also had the nickname “Pawni”.  More as we get it…

thx A!