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Would You?: Philippe Mexes



imageWe’ve not featured much of Philippe Mexes on Kickette, and we’re curious to know what our loyal readers think of the 26-year-old Frenchman.

He currently plays as a rough and tumble central defender for Roma and has two children, Enzo and Eva. (Cute names, no?)  In a seriously scary moment last year, Eva was taken from his girlfriend, Carla, during a carjacking.

He has about 400 tattoos, including the names and birth dates of his children and a dragon on his calf muscle.  We will inform you now that Philippe has been known to carry a man bag.

Oh, and he also likes to express himself through hair: Philippe hearts ponytails.

We think he’s kind of cute, even though he does take it a pigtail too far for us most of the time. You?


Kaka, Becks, Maldini: A Study in Skincare



image via AP Photo

Let’s check out some of the AC Milan cuties from the friendly yesterday against Hamburg SV in Dubai.  We think this photo acts somewhat as a lesson in sunscreen application and antioxidant ingestion.

Kaka – smooth, buttery soft skin with the plumped out texture of youth.  Kinda reminds us of the Louis Vuitton satin-silk clutch we were coveting yet not owning at parties over the holidays.

Beckham -  road-weary, showing signs of wear, but with a strong foundation.  He’s like a lambskin Balenciaga that’s been used to carry heavy groceries and champagne bottles a few too many times and could use a break.

Maldini – A super tanned, yet surprisingly resilient skin surface. Mere minutes though, before he heads into the dried meat and chewy category. He’s the shredded and torn old school Gucci crocodile washbag your father (or grandfather) insists on carrying his shaving kit in.

Who do you think looks the best of the bunch? Our vote, as always, goes to Sir Becks.

We’re off to drink a pint of green tea.

Best Gimp Walk: Cesc Fabregas v Xabi Alonso



images via ZUMAPRESS/KEYSTONE Press for kickette.com

Oh, boo.  Two of our favourite boys have legs that aren’t working.

Who gets your vote for the cutest-with-leg-issues: Cesc Fabregas or Xabi Alonso?

cheers jessie!

Hottie or Nottie: Michael Mancienne




We think Fabio Capello may be onto something with baby Chelsea player Michael Mancienne (currently on loan to Wolverhampton Wanderers.) 

Here’s some bg: Michael’s 20-years-old and six-foot-tall, he got his first England callup last week, and John Terry is said to be a big fan. 

No word on how Lampsy is dealing with that.

We’re not completely sold on the plaits – we reckon Michael would look hella cute with a buzz cut or with his hair picked out in a big ol’ fro, but the chocolate eyes and the right bone structure work in MM’s favour, no?  We have long been fans of those two qualities, regardless of the hair trauma inflicted by the owners – looking at you Didier and Cisse.

Your thoughts, Kickettes? Hottie or Nottie?

Trick or Treat, Baller Edition



Happy Halloween, Kickettes!

Since we’ve yet to decide on our costume for this evening’s festivities, we’re going to procrastinate and play our favourite Halloween-themed baller game, Trick or Treat, ‘Baller Edition.