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Double Up: Julio Santa Cruz



Oh, we were thrilled with the initial news, we were.

We didn’t even know Roque Santa Cruz had a younger brother and then we discover 18-year-old Julio in the headlines, signing for Blackburn.  We had visions. Visions on a grand and global scale.

Alas, it would seem although the footballing talent runs in the family, Roque seems to have inherited the majority of the hawt-dayum variety of genes in the pool.

Your thoughts on the second Santa Cruz, Kickettes? Double the fun or Deeply disappointing?  We’d like to withhold full judgment until we’ve seen young Julio in action and in a better photograph.

Link: Rovers Welcome a Second Santa Cruz

Would You?: David Bentley



image via KEYSTONE Press

So, here’s the thing about David Bentley.

We used to find him quite cute, though we were frequently annoyed by the comparisons to the other David. Then we found him cute again when he spoke out about the media v footie lifestyle.

But for the moment, all we have been able to focus on are David’s porcelain game show host teeth and his rather coiffed coiffe.  This is a problem for us.

Are you a fan of the DB? Does he rank in the hottie or nottie category of baller for you? 


image via dailymail/Action images

Hot Watch: Nikita Rukavytsya



Time to check in on one of our former Sizzle Query footballers, Nikita Rukavytsya, who plays for Perth Glory.

For those who don’t recall, here’s the BG:  he’s a Ukrainian/Australian player with a buzz cut, whom we had on standby to see how his looks would improve with both time and hair growth.

Over the weekend, 21-year-old Nikita was interviewed for an Australian show called The World Game

During the program, Kickette is mentioned as a Nikita-hottie watch source, which is brill.  (You can watch the clip here.)

Even better, we note that the cute Mr. R has grown his hair out so we can all do a compare and contrast.

Btw, please take a look at the photograph below, taken of Nikita and his homies after a recent Olyroo game – btw, he’s with Matthew Spiranovic (Nurnberg fc),Trent McClenahan (Hereford United) and Billy Celeski (Melbourne Victory). 

The lads were all fresh from the showers, and apparently Nikita smelled fantastic


Thanks a mill to BJ for the spot/vid and the story. Big kiss!

Would You? Josip Tadic



We’d like to introduce you to Josip Tadic, a 20-years-old striker who plays for Dinamo Zagreb and the U21 national team in Croatia.

We think he’s quite lovely, but aren’t sure whether his sizzle status will increase with age.  In many instances, the cute are best left in their puppy stages (see Kasper Schmeichel for reference).  In any case, we intend on monitoring this situation closely.

FYI: Apparently, the blonde in the photo below is his current girlfriend.

Do you like? Or do you think he needs a few more miles on the clock before joining the ranks of the fine and talented?


Thanks Ivana!

Pocket-Sized Ballers: Do You Appreciate?



Lately we’ve been pondering the hotness factor of many pocket-sized ballers that trot around on the pitch like pedigree miniature ponies. 

There are quite a few of these such players that we find rather fetching, but their smaller stature limits our appreciation.

The analysis tends to go like this: Pro, they will fit comfortably and attractively in a WAG-sized handbag. Both portable and pleasing to the eye!;  Con, we have a severe addiction to very tall shoes and thus, we may not even know if they were standing nearby or had pissed off to the pub instead of handing the credit card over to the shop assistant. 

But enough about us.  Do you like your ballers pocket-sized?