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The TTO: Gerrard Takes It


The hard fought results are in from round 2 of the Tuesday Thigh Off (held this week on a Thursday, because we’re organised like that), and Steven Gerrard has emerged thighs above the competition.

He very narrowly edged out the delectable Alessandro Nesta (you can only vote once, loyal Nesta fans), and was clear leader over Fernando Torres.  How Torres didn’t get more thigh appreciation we’ll never understand, but hey, our fellow Kickettes want what they want.  Even if what they want is wrong.  Torres: We’re here with a shoulder to cry on should you need one.  Bring your paycheque and a bottle of Vintage Krug please.

Congrats Stevie G, round two goes to you you sexy scouser.image

Thanks to Arielle for the pic.

The TTO: Round Two


Here are the round two nominees for the Tuesday Thigh Off:  Alessandro Nesta, Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard.

Make us proud and cast your votes carefully, Kickettes. 

To vote, leave your thoughts in the comments.  Who will emerge victorious? Who will be adorned with the Quad King moniker? Who will care?  All questions will be answered.

By the way, just how sexist is this competition?  We’re thinking 60% sexist, 40% compelling market research.

Don’t hestitate to send in more nominations (to thighs @kickette.com) for those you think deserve this great, prestigious honour.



The TTO: Lampard Takes Round One


We’re just the messenger.  Do not shoot, maim or threaten to shoot or maim the messenger.  We’re looking at you, loyal Cristiano and Cannavaro fans. 

The results for round one of the Tuesday Thigh Off are in, and it’s Frank Lampard moving through. 

Congratulations to you and your short shorts Frankie boy.  And thanks to everyone who left comments and emailed your votes.  Round two up later today.


The Thigh Off: Round One Closing


We’re about to close the first round of our Tuesday Thigh-Off comp, so get your final votes into the comments section whilst you still can.

Who will come out on top?  Right now Frank Lampard is head, shoulders and thighs ahead of the competitors, Fabs Cannavaro and C-Ron.

Next round entrants up Tues.

image  image  image

The Tuesday Thigh-Off: Round One



We are currently compiling entrants for our first official thigh-off celebration/competition.

Many thighs of thunder will be entered, all will be coveted, none will be excluded.**

Please feel free to send us your nominations.  We’ll start things off with some of our favourite thigh masters, Cristiano Ronaldo, Frank Lampard and Fabio Cannavaro.

Please remember: this is a friendly competition. No cat scratching, name calling or nominating anyone unattractive.

**Except for those who we can’t be bothered to source images for, those whose girlfriends/wives annoy us, or those who fall by the wayside as we get bogged down in the mire of large baller legs.

And yes, please cast your vote for one of the three in our first round of hotness.