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Monday Mmm: Nando, Horiztonal


Morning! We welcome you to the week with a slice of horizontal Fernando Torres.


Below, we also greet your upcoming afternoon with a rather thought provoking image of Nando and The Ramos in training.


Photos courtesy of Reuters and the ridiculously out of control Spanish Baller Appreciation community thread that is growing like a gremlin in a thunderstorm. Be warned, if you check in you may never leave. We recommend you bring a few refreshments to keep your energy up.

Oranje: Football is War


The Dutch national team have appeared in a rather compelling photo shoot for the newspaper AD and their European Cup supplement. Above, Edwin Van Der Sar in full mudwear regalia.

When the photographer for the shoot, Erwin Olaf, was asked how he described the shoot to the players, he said:

“That they would be portrayed as lust objects, that there were sexual and erotic elements and that they would be completely covered in mud.“

Mr. Olaf, your succinct and eloquent words on the importance of objectifying footballers has made us quite certain we would like to marry you and have your babies.

Olaf also said that the reason why the players were made to look like gladiators is because football is “war”. 


Click through below for more pics.



images copyright Erwin Olaf, AD news

cheers m!

The Friday Fit: USMNT Gets Wet


Can you spot one of our favourite Fulham players working it out in the pool with the rest of the US Mens National Team? Click and zoom and enjoy.


image via ussoccer.com

The American boys are getting prepped for their friendly against England on May 28 at Wembley. Perhaps the England squad would do better in internationals if they spent more quality time getting wet like other nations.

We need to start a petition.

thx SJA!


The Monday Mmm: Niko Kranjcar


Wahey, Pompey!


image courtesy of PA Wire/KEYSTONE Press

In celebration of Portsmouth’s victory over Cardiff in the FA Cup this weekend, here’s a little Monday morning Niko love for the Kickettes who spam us regularly asking for more of the Kranj. 

We weren’t able to watch the game, but we did see the reports that the Cardiff boys headed to London for the match by taking the train. With regular folk and so forth.  Er?


images via Reuters

Style Files: JJ’s Sunglasses at Night



image courtesy of BIG/KEYSTONE Press

We’ve been slow to post on the pics doing the rounds of Jermaine Jenas out with his crew at Movida in London to celebrate the end of the season. The reason why? We’re conflicted.

Yes, Jermaine is wearing a white blazer with a t-shirt. We can obviously see that. He is also wearing sunglasses at night. We are fully aware of this fash-hazard worn by jackasses, wannabes and those who like to fall down nightclub stairs whilst attempting to feel cool.

But yet, there is a part of us finding ourselves becoming attracted to the swagger of this particular man-boy who feels this is a good look for the evening.

There is only one explanation for our bizarre and complete acceptance of the white blazer/PM shades: we’re entering a crush period with the double-J.

Should we embrace this stage, or fight it until we break a pinky nail? Do advise.