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The Midweek Mmm: Pep Guardiola


Kickettes, meet Pep Guardiola. He’s the new manager of FC Barcelona – you likey?

Mr. G has recently stepped in to take over from Frank somebodyorother and we’re quite excited about this.  The basics: Pep is thirty-seven years old and a former Barca player and captain.  He’s been working as the second team coach since 2007 and reports suggest once he’s gotten himself situated in the top spot that he’ll be making a clear out of the current team.

Reports also suggest he may like to have chocolate sauce licked out of his chin dimple.  Sadly, this has not been officially confirmed.

Looks like those in contention (or at least in former contention) for the hottest manager title may have some competition.  Let’s hope the fight gets dirty.


images via Reuters

thanks Holly!

The Monday Mmm: Ryan Giggs



image courtesy of PA Wire/KEYSTONE Press

Gigsy, you semi-old fart: you’ve still got it, mate.

We raise a large glass of bubbly to the boys at Manchester United for their league win on Sunday.  Congrats to all.

Side note: Is anyone else exhausted from trying to keep up with the 40,000 matches of life or death importance this weekend?  We need a vacay, stat.


The Friday Fit: Iker Casillas and Thierry Henry


A question: Did Iker miss the memo about required shirt removal at the end of matches? What gives?

Side note: base layers are ruining our lives.

image via AP


The Monday Mmm: Lucas Neill and Cristiano Ronaldo



Mmm. Angry gesticulating, posturing ballers. Now with extra testosterone.

The Monday Mmm: Silvain Distin


Click and zoom, Kickettes.  His sweat glands are functioning most efficiently.


image courtesy of PA Wire/KEYSTONE Press

Anyone familiar with Portsmouth’s Silvain Distin?  We have just discovered and would like to welcome him to our world of stalking, restraining orders and other such necessaries. He’s French, plays in defense and is hella tall – like 6’4”. 

We like ‘em tall.  And defensive.  And sweaty.  And so forth.

Before last weekend’s game against his former squad, Manchester City, Silvain was doing some quality trash talking about his old crew:

“For me one of the problems I had at City was I did not have much competition. Even if I did not play well, I felt I was guaranteed to play the next game. That doesn’t keep you alert.“

Ah, the poetic nuances of a French accent talking smack and ego. Sweet.  Be his friend on myspace if you’re so inclined.