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The Monday Mmm: David Beckham in NYC



Yowser.  Sir Becks is looking ridunkulous, no?

The Monday Mmm: Steven Gerrard’s Wedgie



Hottie or Nottie: Phil Bardsley


Phil Bardsley’s just signed for Sunderland, which seems to us a well-played and strategic move by Roy Keane. 

After all, the Black Cats are seriously lacking in sizzle factor lately. 

Still, we’re not entirely convinced this is the best move for the 22-year-old defender. 

Are his looks enough to collectively raise the team up from the bottom of the table? 

It’s your call, Kickettes: is Phil a hottie or nottie?


We think Phil is lush, but have to call whoa on the belt. We hate the buckle more than anything that exists, or has ever existed, in any retail establishment across the galaxy. A pair of flip flops and socks with a side of acid wash would have fared better for us.

Hottie or Nottie: Nicolas Anelka


Although Nicolas Anelka has hovered in and out of our sizzle radar in the past, we’ve never been fully able to commit.

Not sure why, but there was always this sense of ennui about him. We liked the no hair/beard combo but to be honest, we lost interest just after Nico’s Arsenal days, which were about 40 years – and teams – ago. 

Now that he’s joined the Chelsea squad – a team who definitely gives good thigh, we’re wondering if we need to reassess, especially after receiving a rather interesting (old? new?) promo image from our girl Laurie at The Offside which gave us great pause and left us in the mood for a cigarette and a nightcap. And we don’t even smoke.

Click through to see what we’re talking about.

Anyhoo, as always, we pass the torch of blatant and offensive objectification to you, dear readers.  We ask: is new blue Nico a hottie or nottie? 


The Friday Fit: Zinedine Zidane


image courtesy of Splash news/KEYSTONE press

Zizou still has the sizzle, regardless of his follicularly challenged head and his desire to jump out of an airplane when it is several million feet in the air.  In this case, it was in support of the ELA Association (European Leukodystrophy Association) – the event will be broadcast on the 12th of Jan in Europe on TF1. 

Still, unless we just dropped a pair of 5 carat pink diamond earrings out the window or need to urgently arrive undetected onto the grounds of Carlos Bocanegra’s property, removing ourselves from an airplane in mid-flight makes zero sense to us.