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Hottie or Nottie?: Alan Smith


Well, that’s not entirely true.  We do see the large pay cheque, and the abs of steel which certainly go a long way in our always ethical book of judgment. Plus, 95% of the time, we can’t deal with his hair.

But, the beauty of the game is that there is something out there for everyone.  Let the Kickette soldier girls decide:  Is Newcastle’s Alan Smith a hottie or not?


Hottie or Nottie: Alessandro Nesta



Alessandro Nesta... does he do it for you?

Is he deserving of the sizzle-love many have granted upon him and his locks of Italian goodness?

He’s not our ideal cuppa, but we can appreciate the Nesta love.

Perhaps we should make this a nationwide discussion as well: Who is the hottest Italian footie player? Do tell.

Our vote is with the swoon-worthy Cannavaro.  Even with his rapidly advancing age, (what is he, like 500 years old now?), and his caterpillar-consistency brows, we absolutely adore the FC.

The Midweek Mmm: Iced Boca



Look, it’s the delectable Mr. Carlos Bocanegra (Fulham/USMNT), on the field at Harvard University.

Our eagle-eyed Kickette, Julie, snapped this photo of Carlos when he was training for the Gold Cup games.  She also filled us in on some important details: “They have no security while in the US (and no paparazzi either) and I could have approached any one of the players.“

Or, to translate in our language: get your American flag pulling pants on gals, it’s time to book a trip Stateside and work those lax security situations. 

Also: does that pose say, “stalk me, I’m yours” to you?

The Friday Fit: Michael Owen



We love us a hard training baller, and Michael Owen has rehabilitated and worked his Newcastle- shirt -wearing, goal-scoring ass off. 

Michael’s return to the pitch after several thousand years of injury is so very welcome, especially with his recent form – after the England/Russia game, he joined the exclusive club of those who have scored 40 goals for the country. (No, don’t ask us who the others are. They’re old. And not as cute.)

We’re the first to admit we’re still living in the past of ‘98 and “the wonder goal”. We know we need to move on, but Michael makes us believe that the England squad can actually win something.  We’re not going so far as to suggest that England will ever win a damn thing, but Michael keeps our hope alive.

In any case, this is one of our favourite shots of Mr. O, from Ascot 2005.  We likey.  Perhaps it’s the hat that is doing it for us. Makes him look taller. (You know how we feel about tall, right?)  He could almost pass for the towering heights of 5’9” here.

If you’re in the UK, mark the 16th in your telly diary for Sky’s A Year In The Life of Michael Owen. At the very least, you will see some shots of M working out in the gym on his way back to the top, and that’s as good a way to spend a Sunday as we can think of.

Link: Owen Says His Best is Yet To Come
Link: Michael’s Official Site

Midweek Mmm: Xabi Alonso



Is it just us, or is Xabi becoming better looking by the day? Is it all down to the haircut?

Something is happening with us and the Liverpool squad Kickettes… a shift is occurring in our level of appreciation. We like to stay team-neutral so best to assess the talent on an unbiased scale, but this is becoming increasingly challenging.  We will keep you posted.