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The Saturday Sizzle: Liverpool v Aston Villa



Hallelujah, it’s the start of the EPL.  Many games will be played, many fine men will wear shorts whilst running.  Stamina and shorts on a Saturday is always a good thing.  But with so many matches to choose from today, where should you focus your valuable time and attention?

We recommend hitting up the Liverpool vs Aston Villa game. 

As has been recently discussed, Liverpool has a wide range of delectables to choose from, depending on your personal preferences: Xabi Alonzo, Harry Kewell, Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Daniel Agger. 

Aston Villa has a more limited range, but at the very least you can cradle rob with Luke Moore or flirt with old-ass Patrik Berger. Alternatively, if it suits your style, the cavemanesq strawberry blonde stylings of Olof Mellberg could be a potential highlight.

Kick-off is at 17.15.  We recommend getting to Villa Park early and getting a good spot in the VIP next to Alex Curran and her mates.

Link: Premier League Official Site

The Finest Five: Who Belongs?


Kickette’s Finest Five list has always been a controversial one with our readers.

We take a lot of heat for Becks’ place at the top of the list, even though he is going nowhere else.

We may never recover from being told point blank that one of our favs, Freddie Ljungberg should be taken off the list because he is “old.  and BALD.“ That shook us to our very core, it did.

No one, inclucing ourselves, understands our attraction to the arrogant acid-wash denim wearing Cisse, and our love of Mutu leaves most lukewarm.

A casual question about Cristiano Ronaldo (currently in second place) resulted in a comment section battle royale…

Is it time for an overhaul of the Finest Five list? Who is in your finest five list?

Try not to exhaust yourselves, this can be taxing work.

The Monday Mmm: Ricardo Kaká



It’s Monday.

That alone is reason enough to need therapy, but we’re also experiencing a level of boredom not known since we watched WAGs Boutique.

We’re thinking the burn out occurred somewhere between posting eighty thousand The Beckhams Move To America stories and finding creative ways to say Toni Poole’s wedding dress sucked.  That’s when we hit the wall.

Still, nothing a little shoe shopping/drinking before noon won’t cure.  That, and a nice photo of Brazilian mid-fielder Ricardo Kaká.

Before you say anything, we appreciate the name is a tad off-putting. Also unfortunate is the fact that he is married to his long-time sweetheart, Caroline.

But other than those two minor (major) details, we think the permanent bed-head and brooding half pout is worthy of a Monday Mmm welcoming committee.

Freddie Ljungberg: Buh Bye Arsenal



Freddie Ljungberg is leaving Arsenal FC.

It’s the end of an era.  An era spent watching Mr. L cavort in his skivvies for Calvin Klein underwear ads and other sizzling modeling jobs where he flexed his pecs and we were transported to a happy, well-toned and wealthy place. 

Without incurring the wrath of our friendly neighbourhood Arsenal supporters – with Theirry Henry on defect to Barcelona and Freddie on the way to West Ham – we have to ask: is this team still good looking?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

Link: Ljungberg Completes Transfer To West Ham

The Friday Fit: Daniel de Ridder



Need a reason to head to Birmingham?

Meet Daniël de Ridder.  He’s new to the City, and we’re thinking he might be in need of a welcoming committee.