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The Thursday Tasty: Diego



It’s the off season, there’s little to do other than wash away in the torrential rains of a quality English summer and read back issues of the glossies.  Thankfully, we’ve got WAG weddings a plenty and the Copa America.  Case in point: Diego will be ball handling for Brazil this tournament.  Quite nummy, non?  This is a hairstyle few – if any – Englishmen can pull off. 

He’s Brazilian, he’s cute, he has that whole running-for-90-minutes-football-training-stamina we require in a man, what’s not to love?

Well, most of us are taller than him. 

But for those of you who wear flats, or don’t mind walking on the road while Diego takes the kerb, enjoy!

The Sizzle: David Beckham and Reggie Bush


YouTube Preview Image

David Beckham has teamed up with Reggie Bush to film an Adidas commercial about football (US) vs futbol (everywhere else).

Earlier this week we saw the photos of David in an American football uniform and were amazed at how little it did for us.  We realize now that David’s talent comes from being a) shirtless b) in shorts and c) not standing next to a hot US pro football player for comparison.

Anyhoo, what we failed to investigate was the extreme levels of sizzle coming from his footie mate, Reggie Bush. Granted, he has a most unfortunate name, but yowser this man is about to break our Finest Five for the 10 seconds of soccer he plays in this ad.

The Monday Mmm: The New Dolce Ads



Another subtle, subdued ad campaign from Dolce & Gabbana featuring:

Antoni Di Natale, David Di Michele, Fabio Grosso, Massimo Oddo and Marco Amelia.

Side note: How have we gone this long without seeing the delectable Mr. Oddo in his briefs?  Have mercy.

Thanks to Ana-Ysabel and the cr17.com forums.

image    image  image

The Monday Mmm: Jose Mourhino



For all those who like ‘em swarthy, arrogant and older (and wow, so many of our readers do), here’s Chelsea big man Jose Mourhino.

Jose isn’t our cup of tea, but who are we to judge those who’re feenin’ on the Mourn-in?

Hell, we’ve been known to fall for any baller with a heartbeat and a paycheque.

Random fact: Jose and/or his kids are big WWE fans, and he hit the WWE Raw event at Earls Court last week.  He and the fams were soundly booed.  By the poor and those who dwell in trailers, we’ve little doubt.

Link: Jose Mourhino Booed As He Attends WWE

The Monday Mmm: Cristiano Ronaldo Wins It


Image: polfoto.

Cristiano’s sizzling hot season just gets better and better.

This weekend the Man United star was named PFA Player of the Year, and Young Player of the Year. In your face half-hotties and non-divers, he rules!

Note the superior, smug expression that can only be worn by those with thighs of thunder, stonking hot good looks and designer man bags.

Congratulations C-dawg, nice one.