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The Friday Fit: Joey Barton


Joey Barton of Manchester City

He’s not usually one of our favs, but we’re always willing to jump on the “drop trou” bandwagon. Welcome to the club, Joey, even if you are in a whole mess of trouble over this one.

And no, we can’t be bothered to find a photo of your face to go with your ass. It’s just not that kind of website, mate.

Beck Talk: Fantasy Football

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News arrived yesterday that five-year-old Maddox (he of Pitt/Jolie parentage) has been enrolled at David Beckham’s football academy in LA, and papa Pitt wants him to get some one-on-one coaching with David.

We will say this on the matter: If the day ever comes where Brad Pitt gets in his environmentally-friendly people carrier and personally brings little Maddox to meet David Beckham, surely the combination of so much visual talent in a square mile radius will bring the world to an end.

Think about it: the Pitt, Becks, soccer balls… add Angelina pulling up on a Harley and it brings a whole new meaning to Fantasy Football.

Wait, we’ve said too much.

In any case, we’re booking our flights to LA today, and anticipating the apocolypse eagerly. But not too eagerly, we still need to work on getting that pesky restraining order dropped.

Extracurricular Activities: Freddie Ljungberg

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This report says Freddie Ljungberg is moving on from Calvin Klein underwear modeling to become a more “statesmanlike” representative for Arsenal.

What is this world coming to when such drivel, lies and drivelous lies will be tolerated in the press? Being paid to flex your abs in your skivvies is honorable and taxing work, something that should be taken up by more members of the Premier League, not less.

Idle threat: The day Freddie hangs up his CK undies will be the day Kickette starts buying from Fruit of the Loom. And dear readers, you do not want that day to come in your lifetime.

Link: Belief is Arsenal’s New Weapon

Taking their inspirations from the Beckhams possible move into film, John Terry and Frank Lampard are in talks with producers of a big budget Bollywood film. Even Jose Mourinho, the smilingest man in England could have a walk on part. Chelsea are “delighted to be involved.“

Link: Chelski Stars To Make Film Debut

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Tightie Whitey Renaissance


We hate Mondays, but pictures like this sure ease the pain of having to work for a living.

Now, how does the saying go?

“Hate to see you leave, but love to see you walk away?“

Or in Robbie Savage’s case: we don’t care if you move to Siberia, but that gym time is obviously working out well for you. Really. Well.

photo: AP

Thursday Talent: Iker Casillas

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He’s twenty-five, super-fine, born and raised in Madrid, has lightning quick reflexes, and enjoys long walks in the park eating Skittles.

Okay, we made up the last bit, but how great would that be if he did?

No? Just us, then.

G/f is model Eva Gonzalez, seen here modelling a tasteful, yet subtle dress for enjoying a shandy down the local.